Robin Jaspert

PdD candidate


My office is located in room the IG-Farben building in IG 1.311. You can contact me via mail: I use he/him pronouns. I am always open for suggestions to exchange about any work (or non-work) related topics as well as possible cooperation endeavours.


I am a PhD candidate in the DFG Research Training Group "Standards of Governance" in cooperation with TU Darmstadt. Within the Research Training Group and my PhD, I investigate the relationship between structural economic factors and political processes in the negotiations of government expenditure in the Global South on the basis of a comparative case study. Prior to this work, I completed my bachelor's degree in political science and anthropology and attained my master's degree in economic sociology with honors at Goethe University.

From October 2018 to April 2023, I was employed as a student assistant at the department for International Relations and International Political Economy. Initially in teaching support and literature research, from April 2021 onwards for data research in the DFG project "Financialization and State Capitalism: The Governance of Capital Markets in the BRICSS". During my master studies, I was a lecturer at the Institute of Sociology at LMU Munich for several semesters. I currently lecture at the John F. Kennedy Institute at FU Berlin.


I investigate current social developments from the perspective of critical political economy, with a focus on the political economy of financial markets. I am currently particularly interested in historical perspectives on dependency- and power relations in global capitalism, fiscal rules, the effects of interest rate policy in capitalist centres, gender-focused perspectives on the political economy and the design of 'sustainable' financial products. I prefer to work in teams and with a combination of critical theoretical perspectives and descriptive-statistical financial data.


Free University of Berlin:

Winter term 2023/2024:

"Colonialism, Hereditary Racial Slavery, Patriarchal Economic Organization: the Roots of Transatlatic Capitalism?" M.A. seminar

Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich:

Winter Term 2021/2022:

"Feminist Political Economy. Or: More than a Side Contradiction." B.A. Seminar.

Summer term 2021

"On the Political Economy of Financial Markets. A critical introduction" - B.A. Seminar.

Winter term 2020/2021:
"From Black Gold to Climate Killer - How Normative Processes Create or Destroy Economic Values. Political Economy and Economic Sociology of the Green New Deal" - M.A.Seminar - Together with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Gill.


In addition to my academic work, I work as a journalist-publicist, most regularly for Jacobin and nd, but also for Der Freitag, Migazin and Analyse & Kritik. In addition to political economy, I am currently working on migration, refugees, and the climate crisis. These works can be found in full on my Torial profile, here I only list my academic works or those with a strong connection to my core academic topics. 

Peer Reviewed Journal Article:

Fichtner, Jan; Jaspert, Robin; Petry, Johannes (2023):"Mind the ESG capital allocation gap: The role of index providers, standard-setting, and 'green' indices for the creation of sustainability impact." Regulation and Governance - online first.

Working Paper:

Fichtner, Jan; Jaspert, Robin; Petry, Johannes (2023): „
Mind the ESG gaps: Transmission mechanisms and the governance of and by sustainable finance“. DIIS

Book Chapter:

Fichtner, Jan; Jaspert, Robin; Petry, Johannes (2024) "ESG: 'sustainable' investing and the risk of infrastructural lock-in", Pre-Print, in: Westermeier, Carola; Campbell-Verduyn, Malcom; Brandl, Barbara: The Cambridge Companion to Financial Infrastructure. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  Working Paper.

Book Review:

Jaspert, Robin (2024): „Debating continuity and rupture in the sovereign lending nexus – Quentin Bruneau, States and the Masters of Capital: Sovereign lending, Old and New“ Finance and Society – online first. 

Essays, Articles & Columns (Selection):

Jaspert, Robin (2024): „Schuldenschnitt für BRD: Das „Wirtschaftswunder“, das keines war“. nd die Woche.

Jaspert, Robin (2024): „How Europe Made Indebted African States Into Its Border PoliceJacobin DE & US.

Jaspert, Robin; Kullick, Niklas (2023): „Klimapolitischer Teufelskreis: Wie die herrschende Wirtschaftspolitik die Energiewende blockiert“. Emanzipation 7.2.

Petry, Johannes; Fichtner, Jan; Jaspert, Robin (2023): „Who decides what ESG is and how to make investments greener – new research“. The Conversation.

Jaspert, Robin (2023): „Mit Unsinn tiefer in die Klimakrise“. nd-aktuell, 7. August.

Jaspert, Robin; Kullick, Niklas (2023): „Die Verwobenen Pfade der Inflation". In: LuXemburg-Magazin.

Jaspert, Robin (2023): “EZB-Leitzinserhöhung verringert Inflation nicht"nd-aktuell, 15. März 2023.

Jaspert Robin; Graack, Nico; Wagner, Louise (2023): „Germany Had Ist Debts Written Off. Today, We Should Do the Same for the Global South“. Jacobin DE & US.

Jaspert, Robin (2022):“Central Bank Capitalism is Forcing the Global South Into a Debt Crisis“. Jacobin DE & US & The Wire.

Reports for NGOs & Policy Briefs:

Fichtner, Jan; Jaspert, Robin; Petry, Johannes (2023): „What needs to change for green funds to be truly green". DIIS Policy Brief.

Jaspert, Robin (2021): „Dividenden und Kurzarbeit in Deutschland. Der Staat springt ein – Shareholder profitieren?“. (Für Facing Finance)

Jaspert, Robin (2021): „Koloniale Kontinuität und Ungleichheit. Die Auswirkungen eines asymmetrischen Finanzsystems auf den Globalen Süden während Covid-19“. (Für Facing Finance)

Jaspert, Robin (2020): „Green Fake: ESG Investments während Covid-19“. (Für Facing Finance)

Jaspert, Robin (2020): „We are the Bomb – Opake Finanzströme und unwissentliche Beteiligung an Nuklearer Rüstung“. In: Ethik und Militär 1 (2020).

Media appearances:

My work with Jan Fichtner and Johannes Petry was featured in the Financial Times and Bloomberg.

Interview in junge Welt: „Missbrauch von Staatshilfe“. Dax-Konzerne kassieren Geld von der Regierung und schütten es an Aktionäre aus. Ein Gespräch mit Robin Jaspert

Publication of report leads to motion in the Bundestag: Covered by Handelsblatt.