Subin Chang

Position: Researcher 

RISS- Project No. 3: Intergenerational Transmission of Work- Family Trajectories in Germany

Role: Subin Chang is a pre-doctoral researcher for Project 3 and specializes in work, family, gender, and inequalities. From the life course perspective, her research looks at (dis-)similarities in work-family trajectories of parents and their adult same-sex children. Further, her research compares occupational trajectories of same-sex siblings from different SES backgrounds and regions (East and West Germany). Methodologically, she draws on longitudinal data (TheGerman Socio- Economic Panel) and employs sequence analysis and a variety of other quantitative methods.

About: Subin is a Ph.D. student in sociology and a research fellow within the research project RISS since June 2022. She arrived in Germany in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in sociology and German language and literature from Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea) and obtained her master's degree in sociology in May 2022 at the Goethe- University in Frankfurt am Main.

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Selected Publications

Chang, S. (2022). The Gendered Division of Labor across the Transition to Parenthood: Comparing Germany and South Korea. Masters Thesis. Goethe- Universität Frankfurt am Main.