Walter Matthias Schröder

Position: Researcher

RISS Project Nr.5: Internalized Ethnic and Cultural Reconfiguration: Natives' Reactions to Increasingly Heterogeneous Immigrant Populations

Role:  As part of the RISS- Project, Walter assists in the study of the effects of increasing integration of immigrants into the multidimensional social structure of Germany. The focus is set on closer examination of (perceived) group conflicts between autochthon and migrant population groups. Besides consequences for local labor markets, social trust and attitudes towards the social welfare state are examined within this context.

About:  Being his first job in academia, Walter started working in the RISS-Project in January 2022. One month earlier, he received his Master's degree in Sociology from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Next to his work in the project he is writing his dissertation, which looks at the intergenerational effects of parental occupations.