FAQs for Application and Admission

For most programs, you can apply online using our application form. You can find detailed information about the process here.

Some programs require a separate application process through the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung:


ZV programs (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy)

Please refer to the program description to find out which procedure applies to your desired program.

Information on the application procedure for international students can be found on the pages of the Global Office.

Application procedures for the master's programs are explained in the program description. For an overview of the master's programs, click here.

You can find an explanation about the University's "NC" (numerus clausus) and the results from the last semesters on this page.

For courses like Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, you can find the results on the Hochschulstart website.

After all the students who've applied are recorded, a ranking list is made. Based on this list, admissions are granted. There are different quotas that determine who gets accepted. For example, you might get an offer based on your performance (N.C.) or based on how long you've waited (number of semesters between high school graduation and the start of your studies).

The N.C. (numerus clausus) is not set by the university. Instead, it comes about after the ranking list is made, based on the ratio of applicants to available spots in the degree program.

You can check out where things stand in the admissions process on our website.

The documents for enrollment in the undergraduate NC subjects must be submitted by regular mail. A scan by e-mail is not sufficient!

If there are any spots left after the main admission process, e.g. if some students don't accept their offer, there'll be a second round called the move-up procedure (Nachrückverfahren).There is no need to apply again. Everyone who applied the first time is automatically included in this round.

If there are still places available after the move-up procedure, they will be awarded by lottery. You will need to apply online again. Deadlines vary by program and are posted on our website.

Programs that are not listed on the lottery website do not participate in the lottery. This is especially true for the ZV programs in Medicine and Dentistry.

The procedure for changing themes is explained on this page.

Yes, it's called a double degree. How to apply for a double degree is explained here

If you are applying for a second degree through Hochschulstart, you can easily apply for a double degree at the Registrar's Office as part of the admissions process.

If you want to drop one of your courses, just send an email to the Registrar's Office. Make sure to include your name, student ID number, and the name of the relevant course.


Subject: Dropping Course XY

Don't forget to re-register for the next semester so you can keep your other course. You can find more info about re-registering here.

This is possible at Goethe University - as long as you are not studying a program with the same name and degree. It does not matter whether it is a subject with restricted admission or an open subject. 

However, since the regulations may differ, you should also check with the other university.

No. The procedures are independent of each other. Accepting one program does not affect your chances for the other. If admitted to the second program, you have the option to switch.

If you have applied for a combined degree program (teaching degree or bachelor's degree with a minor) and have been admitted to only one of the desired subjects, you must select an alternative, non-restricted subject for online enrollment. You can do this in the application portal by clicking on the button "Alternative Fachkombination prüfen" (Check alternative subject combination). Once you have selected an alternative subject, you must complete the online enrollment and send the enrollment form to the Registrar's Office. Please note: When you select the subject, you must indicate the subject for which you have already been admitted! (See Point 5 on this page

If you are admitted to your original major through the move-up procedure (Nachrückverfahren), you can easily change your major.

The advisors at the Student Advisory Service are happy to assist you in your decision-making process. Contact information and office hours are available through this link.

You do not have to. When the enrollment period specified in your notification expires, your place will automatically become available and will be offered to another applicant through the move-up procedure (Nachrückverfahren). Since the move-up procedure cannot be initiated before the end of the enrollment period anyway, withdrawing from the procedure does not benefit you.

You can enroll in a non-restricted subject and still participate in the N.C. process of the programs you previously applied to until they are fully enrolled.