Fellows 2022/23

Fellowship Track 2022/23

Martine Diss 

Martine Diss is deputy head of unit of the Promoting Compliance Unit in DG GROW at the European Commission.

Topics of Interest: Single Market in the centre of the EU project, engagement of EU citizens in European affairs, impact of the war in Ukraine on the EU, exchange of information between universities/research centres and public administration

Christian Engel 

Christian Engel is head of the Infrastructure and E-Government Division of the Federal Government Service Consolidation at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

Topics of Interest: Use of automation technologies in administrative processes, implementation of IT procedures with the help of modern technologies, public relations and project communication.


Christine Fey

Christine Fey is deputy head of the Sustainable Urban Development Unit at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Topics of Interest: Importance of dialogue-oriented science communication for universities and society, knowledge transfers to businesses and society, transformation of society towards more climate protection and sustainability, climate neutrality and sustainability.


Carolin Friedländer 

Carolin Friedländer is head of the Department of Crafts, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Trade, Business Law and head of the Departmental Legal Office at the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

Topics of Interest: Growth, prosperity, and quality of life, growth market China, future cities, nutrition and agriculture, future of medicine.

Katharina Heil 

Katharina Heil is head of the Minister's Office at the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science and Health.

Topics of Interest: Changes in society and social life, biotechnology, the political system, physics/natural sciences, energy.

Dr Ulrike Hornung 

Dr Ulrike Hornung is head of the sub-division for Migration, Refugees and European Harmonisation at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

Topics of Interest: Democracy, liberalism, populism and authoritarianism, migration, public security, state structures, digitalisation and administration.

Dr Martin Kipping

Martin Kipping is head of the unit Climate Policy at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Topics of Interest: Perspectives on climate change from the natural sciences, engineering ethics, law, theology, economics and political science.

Ralf Torsten Klimke

Ralf Torsten Klimke is head of the unit for Innovation and Research in the European Commission's DG MOVE (mobility and transport).

Topics of Interest: Impact of public support to research and innovation, public acceptance of EU policies and involvement of citizens, urbanisation and rural areas, disruptive innovation, biotechnologies and societal change.


Dr Elke Mayer

Elke Mayer heads the department Fighting Doping; Integrity and Values in Sport at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

Topics of Interest: Research trends and developments on the topic of values and integrity in society, dealing with extremist, racist and anti-Semitic attitudes in sports, interculturality, gender diversity as well as sexualised violence and abuse of power in sports. 

Tugba Mulazimoglu

Tugba Mulazimoglu is policy analyst in the Directorate of Financial and Enterprise Affairs at the OECD.

Topics of Interest: Capital markets, corporate governance, climate change and climate policy, sustainable finance.

Dr Markus Oermann

Markus Oermann is deputy head of the Fundamental Social Issues and Transformations Unit in the Office of the Federal President.

Topics of Interest: Ecological and digital transformation of economy and society, societal liberalisation and polarisation, cultural diversity and identity, crisis resilience.

Imke Pässler-Strauß 

Imke Pässler-Strauß is head of the Streaming Platform & Social Media Unit within the main editorial department Digital Media of ZDF Mainz.

Topics of Interest: Format development, content distribution via non-linear platforms, change - the new normal, futurology, image and branding, imagery in streaming and on social media.

Image Rights: Ulrike Lenz, ZDF

Katharina Riehl

Katharin Riehl is head of the politics department at Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Topics of Interest: Education policy, generational justice/social justice, family policy, security policy.

Andreas Sackreuther

Andreas Sackreuther is personal assistant to the State Secretary and Chief Information Officer of the State at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Transformation and Digitalisation of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Topic Interests: Digitalisation of the German administration, change in German politics due to the increasing digitalisation of society, transformation of the German economy and working environment, social hotspots in cities.

Matthias Schaeffer 

Matthias Schäffer is head of the Strategy Development Unit at the Executive Board of the Federal Employment Agency.

Topics of Interest: Crisis mode and the state’s resilience, how much and which state will the citizens of the future need, sustainable administration, IT cloud - solutions for modern administration, learning society.

Dr Hendrik Schüler

Hendrik Schüler is deputy head of the division of Roads and Transport and head of the Unit of Road Noise Abatement, Road Traffic Regulatory Law, Road Safety in the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

Topics of Interest: Achieving traffic turnaround in a balanced and interest-oriented way, improving noise protection in the road sector, autonomous driving, digital management.

Dr Susanne Stewen 

Susanne Stewen is Police Vice-President of the West Hesse Police Department (acting). 

Topics of Interest: Migration policy, democracy, individuals and society, division of powers - relationship between administration, justice and media.

Henrik Vagt 

Henrik Vagt is managing director Economy & Politics and managing director Consulting & Service at the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Topics of Interest: Sustainable energy policy in the context of geopolitical challenges, corporate responsibility and sustainable development, effective participation in a dynamic world, challenges of economic policy. 

Dr Andrea Voskort

Andrea Voskort is deputy head of the Supervisory Organisation Unit at the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Topic interests: Digitalisation and sustainability in the financial sector, digitalisation in organisations, new digital technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, forensics.

Gitte Warnick

Gitte Warnick is head of the Policy Issues, Digitisation, Transfer Unit in the Education and Training, Lifelong Learning Division at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Topics of Interest: Digitisation in the course of education, political education and democracy building, future of the European Union, constitutional law and federalism.

Dr Kirsten Wendland 

Kirsten Wendland heads the interdepartmental project group on the upgrading of social professions and the unit for equality partnerships policy at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Topics of Interest: Methods of policy development, policy-making digital, child poverty, educational poverty, equal opportunities for children and their promotion, feminist discourses.

Dr Nicola Wenzel 

Nicola Wenzel heads the Human Rights Unit at the Federal Ministry of Justice and is the Federal Government's procedural representative before the European Court of Human Rights.

Thematic interests: Racism, economy and sustainability, human rights, the role of law in the national and international political order, AI/legal tech/digital technologies