FAQ - Questions on Internships

How can I obtain a certificate for a compulsory internship?

Many employers meanwhile insist on a certificate confirming that the internship is compulsory. You can obtain such a certificate by sending an email to the Examination Office at pra.fb03@soz.uni-frankfurt.de. Simply inform the Examination Office of your name and matriculation number.

How many hours must I complete during my internship?

The Study Regulations for the various degree programmes prescribe different numbers of hours. You can find an overview of the required number of hours on the following page. Longer internships are in general possible.

Can I also complete less hours?

No, you must complete at least the prescribed number of hours. Longer internships are in general possible.

When should I complete my internship?

Bachelor's students should not complete their internship before the third subject-specific semester and master's students not before the second. You can undertake internships during the lecture period as well as during the lecture-free period. If you undertake an internship during the lecture period, you can consider applying for a semester on leave.

Can I undertake an internship abroad too?

Yes, internships abroad are possible and treated in exactly the same way as internships at home. You can find more information here.

Do I have to register my internship with the faculty?

No, you do not have to register or have the internship approved in advance. It is not possible to register it on the QIS/LSF portal either. You look for a placement yourself and then complete the internship. Afterwards, you write your Internship Report and submit it to the Examination Office together with the module record form.

Can I split internships / undertake several shorter internships?

In principle, you can also split internships, i.e. you do not necessarily have to undertake a single internship that equates to the full number of hours. In this case, you would then write one Internship Report in which you include both internships. Please ensure in this case that you submit a module record form for each internship, as there is a section which the employer has to complete. What is important is that you achieve the prescribed number of hours with the different internships.

What are the requirements for the Internship Report (only applies to the old study regulations from 2014 and 2015)?

You can find the requirements for the Internship Report under this link.

What are the requirements for the study day (only applies to the new study regulations from 2022)?

You may only participate in the study day if the internship has been completed in full. As a rule, three study days are offered per semester, from which you can choose freely. You then bring the completed module slip to the study day. After successful completion of the study day, the teacher submits the module slips collectively to the examination office for booking.

Where do I submit the internship report?

Please submit your Internship Report to the Examination Office at pra.fb03@soz.uni-frankfurt.de. There is a section on it which the employer must complete.

Are there grades for the Internship Report or the Study Day?

There are no grades for the Internship Report. They are distributed by lot to persons at the faculty authorised to conduct examinations and assessed as “Pass" or “Fail".

Which internships are allowed?

You can find a definition by the chairperson of the Examination Committee on the following page. On this page you can find an overview of possible internship providers.

Can I have other professional activities recognised as an internship?

To have other professional activities, voluntary work and internships that were completed before starting university recognised, you must submit an application. You can find the necessary application form here. Applications must be submitted to pra.fb03@soz.uni-frankfurt.de. Decisions on applications lie with the chairperson of the Examination Committee. Please note that internships should consolidate in practice what you have learnt during your studies. Activities that were completed before starting university will therefore only be approved in absolutely exceptional cases. If your application is approved, you write your Internship Report and then submit it to the Examination Office.

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