FAQ - Questions about Course Registration

What does “first refusal" mean?

The selection groups are assigned to degree programmes, i.e. in Phase 1 those students have a right of first refusal to the courses in the selection group to which the course is assigned.

What does the error message “falscher Studiengang" (“wrong programme") mean?

If you register for a course that is not assigned to your programme-specific selection group, you will see “falscher Studiengang" (“wrong programme"). You can register for this course from Phase 2 onwards. 

How many places can I be allocated with my priorities in Phase 1?

You select which course you would like to attend within your selection group as: 

  • First choice (1: high priority)
  • Second choice (2: medium priority)
  • Third choice (3: low priority) 

You assign a maximum of three priorities for each place. However, at the end of Phase 1 you will only be allocated one place on one course, ideally on the course with your first priority.

It is therefore important that you assign all the priorities available to you!!!

Where can I check my current attendance status?

If you want to check your current attendance status, you can find it under Meine Funktionen -> Meine Veranstaltungen (My features -> My courses).  The abbreviations mean as follows: 

  • AN – angemeldet/registered (this means that you are not yet admitted!!! You will retain this status until the end of the registration period; only then will it be decided whether you are allocated a place or not.)
  • ZU – zugelassen/admitted
  • AB – abgelehnt/rejected
  • ST – storniert/cancelled
  • Niedrige Priorität/low priority – This also means rejected, as you have been admitted to a course with higher priority.

IMPORTANT: The status “SP – vorgemerkt" (“SP – Planned") only shows timetable entries that you have planned for yourself but is not registration for a course!

Can I also deregister from courses?

You can deregister from courses at any time during all registration phases.

You can deregister from courses by clicking on “belegen/abmelden" (“register/deregister"). You will then be asked a security question whether you really want to deregister. Please tick as appropriate and confirm again that you want to deregister.

In this way, your fellow students can look for free places again in the Clearing phase and attend courses where appropriate.

Image credits: Uwe Dettmar, Goethe-University Frankfurt