Electronic Exam Registration

​Students with compulsory registration

From the 2015/2016 winter semester onwards, all BA and MA students (main and minor subject) enrolled at the Faculty of Social Sciences are obliged to register online in the QIS/LSF portal for all participation certificates and examinations via their student account.

As a rule, only those participation certificates and examinations registered beforehand count.

In exceptional cases, retroactive registration and registration changes can be processed by lecturers at the earliest after the official registration lists have been returned. Please take this into account when planning your syllabus.

Exceptions are students of the cooperative degree programme BA Gender Studies (Minor Subject) and students of the Politics and Economics part of the teaching degree programme. Furthermore, students from other faculties who, for example, attend courses at our faculty within an elective module as well as Erasmus+ students are not affected by this change.

Achievements requiring prior registration

In general, you register for all coursework and examination achievements, i.e. for all participation certificates and all module examinations. Online registration replaces the submission of module record forms.

However, you register just once for a course, either for:

  • Only a participation certificate for an undergraduate seminar; the abbreviation for this is PS
  • Only a participation certificate for a seminar; the abbreviation for this is S
  • The end-of-module examination in an undergraduate seminar; the abbreviation for this is MP (PS)
  • The end-of-module examination in a seminar; the abbreviation for this is MP (S)

Registration for the end-of-module examination in a course is at the same time registration for the participation certificate.

Registration and Deregistration Deadlines

Online registration must take place within the following time periods (retroactive registration is not possible):

  Summer Semester Winter Semester
Participation certificate 01.07.-31.07. 13.02.-28.02.
End-of-module examination 01.07.-31.07. 13.02.-28.02.

Lecturers send the lists with confirmation of participation or the grades of the module examinations to the Examination Office by mid-May for the previous winter semester and by mid-October for the previous summer semester.

Extracurricular Achievements

In the download area for your degree programme, you can find the module record form for:

  • Extracurricular courses you have attended: With the module record form, you can have additional achievements verified that you have attained within your degree programme.
  • Courses attended before the 2015/2016 winter semester that you would like to have recognised.

Problems / Reporting Errors

If you have any questions about content, please contact the ExaminationOffice of the Faculty of Social Sciences. For all queries, please use your student email address.

If you receive the error message “Student*in hat noch nicht alle erforderlichen Vorleistungen erbracht" (“Student has not yet met all prior requirements") in the QIS/LSF portal, this means that you have not yet submitted your Application for Admission to the Bachelor's/Master's Examination(PDF) to the Examination Office during the first semester. Please report as soon as possible to the Examination Office during office hours with the completed form.

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Examinations Office Faculty of Social Sciences 

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Responsibilities: Recognitions, questions about examination regulation

Daniela Toplicanec
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Responsibilities: Certificates, theses, transcripts

Please send your enquiries primarily by e-mail: pra.fb03@soz.uni-frankfurt.de.

Consultation hours Tuesday and Thursday 11a.m. - 1p.m.

Please wear a FFP 2 mask for consultation hours

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