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Knowledge for development, sustainability and equity in the 21st century

Since its foundation, Goethe University Frankfurt has been a laboratory of the modern age. Our scholars are conducting research into developments and challenges, the shaping of which is of outstanding social and global importance. Together with our international partners, we are looking for answers to urgent questions of our times – development, equity and sustainability in the 21st century.

Our research profile

We bundle our scientific excellence in six profile areas and are conducting research on important questions and topics of our times.


The Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments aims to strengthen Germany's position as an outstanding research hub in the long term and further improve its international visibility and competitiveness. The first funding period currently offers significant funding for 57 clusters across Germany over the course of seven years. In the second funding period, starting in 2026, up to 70 Clusters of Excellence can be funded with an annual budget of €539 million. Goethe University Frankfurt has submitted its own outstanding proposals, derived from its research-intensive Profile Areas, to the competition.

Excellence Cluster Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI)


CPI (Cardio-Pulmonary Institute) | Homepage

Partner Universities: Goethe University Frankfurt, Justus Liebig University Giessen

The ongoing CPI Cluster of Excellence combines basic research with clinical and translational expertise to better understand heart and lung diseases and identify innovative treatment approaches. It continues the successful work of the Cluster of Excellence Cardio-Pulmonary System (ECCPS), funded under the Excellence Initiative – the predecessor program of the Excellence Strategy – from 2006 to 2018.

New projects for the current competition phase 

For the current competition phase, Goethe University Frankfurt has submitted four draft proposals from the life, natural and social sciences to the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). The decision on the call for full proposals will be made on February 1, 2024.


ConTrust | Homepage

Goethe University Frankfurt


ELEMENTS | Homepage

Partner Universities: Goethe University Frankfurt,
TU Darmstadt

RMU Research Cluster


EMTHERA | Homepage

Partner Universities: Goethe University Frankfurt, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

RMU Research Cluster


SCALE | Homepage

Goethe University Frankfurt

Research projects, collaborations, infrastructure

Our research strength springs both from excellent individual projects as well as outstanding collaborative research – the result of a constant exchange of ideas and long-term partnerships between scholars from different disciplines. Together with our university and non-university partners, we are conducting research into future-oriented and trailblazing questions out of responsibility for society, humankind and nature.

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GRADE – The (Post-)Graduate Academy of Goethe University Frankfurt- is the central academic facility for the interdisciplinary qualification, guidance and support of researchers in the early career phase.