Research at Goethe University Frankfurt

Inspiring impulses for development, sustainability and equity

Since its foundation, Goethe University Frankfurt has provided an open space for progressive approaches, experiments and thoughts. Together with our regional, national and international partners, we conduct research on issues relevant to society as a whole and seek solutions to the pressing global challenges of our time.

Our research profile

Six interdisciplinary, cross-departmental profile areas frame Goethe University's research activities, bundling thematically-related research foci and projects, associated infrastructures as well as related cooperations. They constitute the basis for excellent and networked science.

Our projects entering the Excellence Strategy competition 

As part of the current round of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments, Goethe University Frankfurt is applying for a continuation of its existing CPI cluster as well as the SCALE cluster initiative. Both projects combine the university's research strengths in the natural and life sciences with the complementary expertise of its regional and national partner institutions.

Overview of the research projects conducted as part of our coordinated programs – from federally funded projects to collaborative research centers and state-funded initiatives.

Overview of successful Goethe University applications for important individual funding programs, including ERC grants, Koselleck projects or LOEWE top professorships.

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Our research ecosystem in a nutshell 

With 22 internationally renowned scientific centers and 9 shared facilities, Goethe University Frankfurt operates powerful research infrastructures.

By bundling our shared facilities in the Go4Tec umbrella organization, we are opening up a new chapter in the organization of our large-scale research facilities. 

Foundation for an inter- and transdisciplinary research culture 

High-tech scientific infrastructure centers are an integral part of Goethe University's research profile areas. Together with the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), the FKH Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Institute for Advanced Studies and neighboring non-university research institutions, they constitute the foundation of an inter- and transdisciplinary research culture that is open to different scientific and cultural communities and scientific organizations.

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Start your scientific career

Overview of our institutions and services to help you as a doctoral or postdoctoral student start your scientific career.

Professorship vacancies

Overview of our professorship vacancies and other job openings for academics.

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Interested in joining Goethe University Frankfurt as a guest scholar? The Goethe Welcome Centre (GWC) will be happy to assist.

Facts and Figures: Research at Goethe University Frankfurt (2022)




Doctoral Candidates


Postdoctoral Researchers

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Dr. Sabine Monz

Head of Research Support

IKB - Room 5410 
Tel.: +49 (0)69 798-17403
PD Dr. Simone Haasler
Deputy Head of Research Support

IKB - Room 1330
Tel.: +49 (0)69 798-12138

Dr. Caroline Wittig
Acting Head "Forschungsförderung und wissenschaftliche Karriereentwicklung" 

IKB - Room 5640
Tel.: 069 798-15193