Critical Computational Studies (C2S) 

Academia is experiencing profound transformations due to the ongoing process of digitization. This holds true for natural and social sciences as well as for the humanities. Computational approaches require elaborate computational methods more than ever. Likewise, those approaches broaden and determine our research interests and the way we shape and theorize the objects of our research. In doing so, they also shape our social practices and daily routines resulting in multiple transdisciplinary issues and thus requiring a “cross-disciplinary" dialogue. For example: What are the potentials and pitfalls of computational approaches? How does computational thinking enable transdisciplinary research? How do computational approaches deepen our understanding of complex systems? What are their implications for society? And how do we set up the formation of our students to account for all of this? 

Such questions drive Critical Computational Studies as they are developed and practiced at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.


A lecture series on Critical Computational Studies was shifted to Winter Term 2022-2023.