Activities in 2022​

Visit to Museum Giersch of Goethe University, 03.12.2022

On Saturday, December 3rd, Goethe Welcome Centre and international fellows at Goethe University visited the exhibition "Change of Location" at Museum Giersch. Thanks to an interesting collection and a wonderful guide the group enjoyed a nice afternoon in good company.

Visit to the Christmas Market, 26.11.2022

On a beautiful sunny Saturday in the end of November, Goethe Welcome Centre and around 15 international researchers and scholars visited the charming Christmas Market of Seligenstadt. The group enjoyed hot mulled wine, a variety of food, and traditional Christmas sweets, booths with various crafts, and explored the beautiful old-town of Seligenstadt.

Guided Frankfurt City Tour, 12.11.2022

On Saturday, 12.11.2022, the Goethe Welcome Centre arranged for international scholars and researchers a guided tour of Frankfurt. Accompanied by insightful historical facts the group went past by the opera square and the Zeil, visited the Paulskirche and walked through the new old town around the Roemer. The tour was then rounded up by a nice and cheerful lunch at the Metropol am Dom.

Guided Historical Tour across Westend Campus, 21.10.2022

On Friday, 21.10.2022, Goethe Welcome Centre introduced international scholars and researchers of Goethe University to the history of Campus Westend. The participants learned about the past of the IG Farben building and got to know the campus.

GWC's Orientation Event, 20.10.2022

The winter term started with GU's Orientation Event for all new international researchers and doctoral students. The GWC offered an indispensable introduction to GU's administrative structure and units.

Opel Zoo, 25.06.2022

In the End of June, the GWC met with international scholars and researchers of Goethe University to visit Opel Zoo in the Taunus. In a relaxed atmosphere, the group enjoyed the faunal biodiversity of the Zoo close to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt by Night, 17.06.202

On a hot summer evening, Goethe Welcome Centre got together with international scholars of Goethe University to enjoy the nightlife of Frankfurt Bornheim. The evening started with a visit to one of the many Hessian pubs in Bornheim where the group got to enjoy some drinks and their dinner. Afterwards, we walked along the Berger Street and enjoyed the atmosphere of the local wine festival which happened to be at the same weekend. The activity ended with some beers at Merianplatz where we enjoyed the impulsive nightlife during the warm summer night.

Visit to Mainz, 14.05.2022

On a sunny saturday, around 20 international scholars joined Goethe Welcome Centre on a trip to Mainz. We enjoyed the weather during a guided city through the historical old town, before we enjoyed our lunch in a local brewery where we had food and beer from the region. Afterwards, we visited the Mainz cathedral and the Gutenberg museum where we learned about the history and the impact of the most famous son of the city.

Frankfurt City Tour, 07.05.2022

In May, GWC and international researchers at Goethe University visited Frankfurt for a guided tour through some of the most remarkable parts of the city. The group went to see the old town around the Roemer, visited the historical Paulskirche and overlooked the city from the top of the Main Tower.

Visit to Alte Oper, 15.03.2022

On 15.03.2022, Goethe Welcome Centre invited the international scholars of Goethe University to Alte Oper Frankfurt in order to listen to a concert of Zoltan Despond (Cello) and Vesselin Stanev (Piano). The two artists played a selection from the finest work of Beethoven, Schumann and Brahms. 

Palmengarten, 05.03.2022

In the beginning of March, the GWC and international scholars visited the Palmengarten in order to explore the rich flora and fauna of the botanical garden and its tropical houses as part of a guided tour.