Jan 12 2022

​ New Publications by Susanne Schultz

Schultz, Susanne 2021: The Neo-Malthusian Reflex in Climate Politics: Technocratic, Right Wing and Feminist References, in: Australian Feminist Studies, DOI: 10.1080/08164649.2021.1995847

Schultz, Susanne 2021: Genetic Racial Profiling. Extended DNA Analyses and Entangled Processes of Discrimination, in: Science and Technology Studies (mit Tino Plümecke und Isabelle Bartram), online:

Schultz, Susanne 2021:The Pandemic State of Care: Care Familialism and Care Nationalism in the COVID-19-Crisis. The Case of Germany in: Historical Social Research (mit Mike Laufenberg), in: Historical Social Research 46 (4): 72-99.