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This online lecture series gives an insight into the diversity of recently published monographs from the international Korean studies and enables direct exchange with authors who are otherwise often considered 'unapproachable'. They will present their own research and are available for questions, comments and discussion after their 45-minute presentation.

02-05-2022 – 16:00 o'clock
'Language and truth in North Korea'
by Sonia Ryang

16-05-2022 – 16:00 o'clock
'Invincible and Righteous Outlaw: The Korean Hero Hong Gildong in Literature, History and Culture'
by Minsoo Kang

30-05-2022 – 16:00 o'clock
'Korean Digital Diaspora'
by Hojeong Lee

13-06-2022 – 14:00 o'clock
'Korean Food, Television and the Korean Nation'
by Jaehyeon Jeong

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IZO Events

Korean migration to Europe is a relatively recent phenomenon and research pertaining to Korean im/migrants in Europe has been under-represented in the body of Korean diaspora literature and migration studies to date. This workshop serves to bridge that gap and sets out to make a significant contribution to the field of Korean migration and diaspora through an interdisciplinary focus on migrants’ lived experiences, ethnic culinary culture and review of the impact of migration on the host society. The following empirical studies on Korean migration in Britain, Germany and Sweden are presented at the workshop:
  • “Overseas Korean adoption and the birth of Swedish color-blindness”  (Tobias Hübinette)
  • “Migrant maternal practices of Korean healthcare workers in Germany”  (Yonson Ahn)
  • “Invisible boundaries: the experiences and relationships of North Korean migrants with South Korean migrants in the UK”  (Jihye Kim)
  • “Embracing the Funk: the rise of ethnic food – kimchi - in London”  (Helen Kim)

IZO Events

The 3rd edition of the Korean Popular Culture Workshop was held on the 9th of December 2021. The over 90 participants in the online workshop could participate in the presentations and discussions held by the three guest lecturers that have focused on the particularities of Korean cultural products in the age of globalization. The presentations were: “BTS as the Apex of Neoliberal Culture Industry: Alternative Masculinity, Positive Psychology, and Vicariousness" – by Dr. Gooyong Kim, Cheyney University Pennsylvania, “From a Ripple to a Roar: The Popularization of Korean Cinema" - by Dr. Frances Gateward, Howard University Washington D.C and “K-Dramas: Globalization of Family, Identity, Fantasy, and Reality" - by Dr. Eung-jun Min, Rhode Island College Providence.

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This workshop explores the multiple trajectories and complexities of Korean migrants in the Southern Hemisphere and the Global South, in order to understand how and to what extent these particular circumstances have shaped their lives and experiences. Their migration histories and contexts have differed noticeably from those in post-industrial countries in North America and Western Europe. The following empirical studies on Korean migration in Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil are presented at the workshop: 
  • “Koreans serving Koreans in Hanoi:  Sojourning Expatriate Workers and the Ethnic Economy in a Globalizing City" (Kong Chong Ho, Hae Young Yun and Jeehun Kim),
  • “Migration Trajectories of Korean Im/migrants in South Africa", (Yonson Ahn)
  • “Kimchi in a Rojak Nation: Koreans in Malaysia" (Gaik Cheng Khoo)
  •  “Leaving the Church but Not the Community: Experiences of Second-Generation Korean Argentines Alienated from Ethnic Churches in Buenos Aires", (Jihye Kim),
  • “The changing Korean ethnic economy and ethnic solidarity in Bom Retiro, São Paulo", (Dennis Choi).

IZO Events

Nov 25 2021

Public Lecture on the Occasion of the IZO Advisory Board Meeting

Guest Lecture by Prof. Björn Alpermann on China’s Xinjiang Policy

In recent years the situation in China’s north-western region of Xinjian has received increasing international attention. Reports about mass internments of Uigurs and other ethnic groups in re-education camps, about forced labour, forced sterilisation and other violations of human rights have dominated the headlines and have put a strain on the relations between China and its critics. The Chinese government, on the other hand, justifies its actions as a fight against terrorism, Islamist extremism and ethnic separatism. The lecture discusses the different views on the basis of a detailed study of source material.
Due to the pandemic situation, Björn Alpermann’s lecture will be delivered via Zoom.

IZO Events

On 29 November 2021 Professor Barry Naughton, chair of Chinese International Affairs at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, took part in two events organised by IZO at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften in Bad Homburg. Under the title "China Summer 2021: From Industrial Policy to Comprehensive Steerage?" Naughton discussed the spate of far-reaching regulatory measures and radical reforms launched in recent months by the leadership of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China.

In the afternoon, following a discussion with IZO research staff and guests, Prof. Naughton was available for the many questions of junior researchers from the recently established IZO Early Career Researcher Network. This opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas was eagerly seized upon and the discussion about Naughton's research work as well as the future perspectives of research about and in China could easily have exceeded the three hours that had been allocated for this.

We would like to extend our thanks to Barry Naughton for this inspirational debate and we look forward to further meetings of the IZO ECR network in the months ahead. 

IZO Events

Dear friends of the IZO,

We are pleased to announce Prof. Barry Naughton's talk on “China Summer 2021: From Industrial Policy to Comprehensive Steerage?“ which is to be delivered on Friday, 29 October. Barry Naughton holds the So Kwan Lok Chair of Chinese International Affairs at UC San Diego and for many years he has been one of the most eminent political economists studying the People's Republic of China. It is his work on Chinese industrial policy which is of particular interest and relevance at the present moment since he was one of the few American economists who from an early date recognized a new management approach in Xi's economic policy and put it in a theoretical context.

This event will be in two parts. It takes place at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften in Bad Homburg.

In the morning between 9.00 and 12.00 am there will be a lecture by Prof. Naughton, followed by an extensive discussion in workshop format. Because of limited space and current hygiene regulations it is advisable to book in advance (

In the afternoon between 2.15 and 5 pm the first exclusive IZO Early Career Researcher Network event will take place. Network members will have an opportunity to exchange ideas with Barry Naughton about his latest book, The Rise of China's Industrial Policy, and also more generally about career prospects and research conditions in the Chinese context. Doctoral students and post-docs who are interested in participating are invited to contact Bertram Lang ( and to apply for membership in the network. 

Please note that in the Grosser Salon (large hall) we cannot space out the seats sufficiently. Participants have therefore to comply with the “2G rule". Access will be granted only on production of a valid vaccination pass or proof of full recovery from a Covid infection, and it requires prior registration in writing (first name, name, address or phone number).

We look forward to your participation and hope for a lively debate!

IZO Events

At the beginning of the coming semester the IZO launches a new project. In connexion with the chair “Knowledge and Society“ endowed by Deutsche Bank, we offer in the summer semester an online series of lectures on “China on the way to becoming the leading economic power: Sinological and economic perspectives".

In this lecture series funded by the Deutsche Bank Foundation, renowned academics from several fields of expertise will address a number of topics related to China's rise to economic power. The lectures are interlinked by their common topic, but they can also be appreciated as freestanding talks.

Anyone who wishes to follow these thought-provoking talks and discussions about China's development is most welcome, whether they are students, academics or members of the general public.