Information on the Topic of Gender Diversity

Following a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court (October 2017) and the amendment of the Civil Status Act (December 2018), there are four options for registering gender: male, female, diverse, no entry. Of course, the recognition of a third, positive gender entry does not stop with the issuing of the birth certificate. At Goethe University, the Equal Opportunities Office is in communication with various administrative departments and faculties regarding the implementation of the third gender entry.
On the one hand, the focus is on administrative adjustments and building modifications, but at the same time also on raising awareness towards non-discriminatory interaction. On this page, you can find an overview of the current status, processes and objectives at Goethe University.

We are very grateful for your support in the implementation as well as suggestions and hints for further improvements.

Gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language

Language is the most important instrument for participation, especially at a university. Whether written or spoken, language is how we connect with each other on institutional, professional and interpersonal level. Aspects of language also decide questions of belonging and participation – and, conversely, exclusion.
Goethe University advocates a gender-inclusive use of language that addresses all members and affiliates in their diversity and dismantles discrimination.

More information on current implementation and recommendations for an inclusive use of language can be found on this page.

Internal name change for students

Trans*, Inter* and non-binary students can arrange for an internal name change at Goethe University's Student Services if they can present a supplementary ID card issued by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität dgti e. V. (German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality (German)). The change will affect all internal University systems as well as all certificates and documents issued to you by the University. Once your name change has been registered by the student administration, a new Goethe Card can be issued to you by the HRZ. If you wish, the photo on the Goethe-Card can also be changed in the course of changing your first name and gender. This is also possible at a later date. You can either have the photo changed in person at the HRZ or apply to the HRZ by mail.

The name change form as well as the address to which you can send the request can be found on this page of Student Services' website (German).

Anyone wanting to change their university email address and remove or change their first name, for example, can do so via the webmail-portal: To do so, please log in with your University Computing Centre account, select “Others/Weitere" in the bar at the top, then “HRZ/HRZ" and then “Alias Address/Alias-Adresse".

For Goethe University employees, there is currently no defined procedure for internally changing the first name and gender entry.

Identity management

Both the online application and the student administration at Goethe University now allow four gender entries: male, female, diverse and undefined.

Data collection from employees has not yet been comprehensively updated.

Form of address options in letters and some forms still need to be modified.

The Equal Opportunities Office, in cooperation with the departments responsible, is currently preparing the necessary revisions of software, forms, etc.

Our aim is the non-discriminatory recording and processing of all Goethe University members' data. Forms, contracts, letters and course attendance lists as well as LSF and HISonline (course catalogue and university calendar) will be modified to make them gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive.

All-gender restrooms

Goethe University currently has a few all-gender restrooms in various buildings:

Westend Campus:

  • IG Farben Building, 7th floor, Q2 and Q3, Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies
  • PEG, 2nd floor next to the self-governing Feministischer Salon – Frauen*raum ('Women's Room', Room 2.G 215)
  • SKW Building, building section C, 5th floor, Equal Opportunities Office


  • Students' Union Building, Mertonstr. 26-28, 1st floor
  • Factory Building, Sophienstr. 1-3, 2nd and 3rd floors, Institute of Art Education


  • Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, House 18 A, KOMM Café in the Students' Union Building of the Faculty of Medicine

Plans are currently underway to install more all gender welcome toilets at Goethe University and likely to be implemented in the foreseeable future.

The aim is to ensure that everyone knows where to find all gender welcome toilets on all Goethe University campuses and that these are as easily accessible as possible.


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