Consulting Services for Teaching and Other Staff

Do you have questions about a specific teaching situation? Would your research group welcome training on a diversity topic? Would you like literature or teaching materials on implementing diversity and anti-discrimination, e.g. in studies and teaching?


  • Individual consulting on diversity-related questions for teaching staff in all status groups, employees in teaching and studies, staff with counselling/consulting tasks, staff and heads of the dean’s offices and central institutions
  • Customised training courses, event formats and presentations for faculties, units and central institutions at Goethe University (interdisciplinary or subject-related).


Diversity Policies Officers

Saskia-Fee Bender
Fon: +49 69 798-18 130

Dr. Daniela Heitzmann
Fon: +49 151 720 693 65

Dilara Kanbiçak
Fon: +49 69 798-18 127

Anna Carolin Müller
Fon: +49 160 967 665 45

Dr. Thuy Loan Nguyen
Fon: +49 69 798-18 129

Visiting address
SKW-Building | 5th floor
Rostocker Str. 2
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Postal address
Equal Opportunities Office
Goethe University Frankfurt
Postbox 227
60629 Frankfurt am Main