DFG-Projekt: Metaanalysis of Discursive Procedures

Impacts of Dialogoriented Participatory Procedure - Metaanalytical Pilotstudy of German Participatory Budgeting Projects and Local Agenda 21 Processes

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geißel
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Dr. Pamela Heß
Research Fellow: Marco Brehme
Student Reseach Assistent: Nadine Jungbluth

2014 - 2016

Funding: DFG (German Research Foundation)

Project Description

The pilot study pursued two objectives. First, it aimed at providing a systematic analysis of studies on dialog-oriented, participatory procedures in Germany. The second objective is a methodological one. The pilot study examined whether metaanalyses are possible and useful in a research field with predominantly qualitative case studies.  more

On the one hand, dialog-oriented, participatory procedures have been regarded for a long time as cure to counter malaises of representative democracy. On the other hand, it has been stated that participatory procedures can ‘damage’ representative democracy. Generally speaking, these discussions are based on anecdotal hypotheses. The pilot study is the first study providing a systematic analysis of studies on dialog-oriented, participatory procedures in Germany. Furthermore, the pilot study is the first one determining the relationship between context, stakeholders, processes, and results of participatory procedures.
From a methodological viewpoint, case study research is the dominating approach in studying participatory procedures. The purpose of the pilot project is, in contrast, to conduct a systematic and comparative analysis of studies on case studies.  more

Methodological Approach
The main target of the first step was to develop a comprehensive, theoretically based and operationalizable analytical framework. This analytical framework included numerous independent variables representing context, stakeholders, and processes as well as several dependent variables representing the results of participatory procedures at micro, meso and macro level. In addition, the pilot project aimed at developing a code book appropriate for standardizing and quantifying qualitative data.  more

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