From information flyers on degree programs to the first-semester guide, posters, and brochures - the media team creates the right visual and editorial presentation for a wide range of content.


We provide a wealth of information on the Internet. Our webpages ensure that prospective and current students have what they need to know right at their fingertips.


Our department organizes everything from school presentations and workshops to MainStudy, a major two-day information event attended by 18,000 people.


With the interactive online study program wizards (OSA), prospective students are guided through the process of choosing a degree program.

Partner schools

32 partner schools closely cooperate with Goethe University in the areas of youth programs, career orientation, and teacher training

Faculty support

Would you like an information flyer for a master's program or tips on how to design your web pages for prospective students? Get in touch with us!


Accurate, professional English translations for SLI's print and online media products enable seamless communication with global audiences.

Social media

We are happy to support your communications with SLI's own social media channels targeted at the groups "students" and "prospective students."