​Dr. Laura McAdam-Otto

Dr.Laura McAdam-Otto

Research Fellow

Project: Making Algae (In-)Visible: Tourism, Responsibility and Governance along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico

Laura McAdam-Otto is a cultural anthropologist whose interests lie on the transformation of coastal zones. She is the principal investigator of the project „Making Algae (In)Visible: Tourism, Responsibility and Governance along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico“, which has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since October 2021. The project analyzes how the emergence of Sargasso algae, which threaten the integrity of ecosystems and commercial tourism, is addressed along the Caribbean coast. Part of the project is to examine ethnographically how governance practices develop in the Anthropocene.

 Previously, she was a lecturer at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology at Goethe University (2019–2021); between 2015 to 2019, she has also taught at the University of Bremen, the University of Vienna, and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Her teaching and research interests include forced migration studies, transnational mobility, environmental anthropology, governance, and ethnographic methods. Among other outlets, she has published in the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, as well as in Migration Letters. Her first book Junge Geflüchtete an der Grenze. Eine Ethnographie zu Altersaushandlungen (2020, Campus Verlag) was nominated as a finalist for the Deutsche Studienpreis (Körber Stiftung) and was awarded the Augsburger Prize for Intercultural Studies in 2021.

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Dr. Laura McAdam-Otto
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