Institute News – Winter Term 2022/23

Here you will find current news from the institute. Also have a look at our Events page. STS student scan find all information about the implementation of their studies including deadlines and dates under For MA Students.

Winter Term 2022/23

We are closing our institute colloquium with Tom Boellstorff's talk on “Intellivision: Videogame History and Platform Futures". 

Winter Term 2022/23

Prof. Dr. Martina Klausner's inaugural lecture has been published under the title "A More-than-digital Anthropology. Ethnographies of Participation and Administration" in the current issue of the Journal of Cultural Analysis and European Ethnology. To read the article, click here.

The Journal of Cultural Analysis and European Ethnology has also published the obituary of our former Prof. Dr. Manfred Faßler. To read the article, click here.

To read the complete issue, click here

Winter Term 2022/23

You can find the first year presentation and the booklet here.

First Year PresentationFirst Year Student Booklet