It was beautiful: everything was attuned at the first Goethe-Campus-Race on Wednesday evening (August, 28th): Almost 400 runners composed of all faculties of the Goethe-University FfM defied the heat and ran the 5,8km route leading from Sportscampus Ginnheim to Campus Westend and back to afterwards spend a pleasant evening together.

After a welcome by chancellor Dr. Albrecht Fester but before the actual starting signal came the inauguration of the new outdoor-fitness-installment where the spectators were amazed by the calisthenics-athletes performances. The thrill of anticipation increased noticeable during the warm-up with beats and stretching exercises. The runners started shortly after 18 o'clock, under the motivational chants of the track marshals along their path through the Grüneburgpark. At Campus Westend the athletes got a short moment to appease their thirst before returning to the sports Campus. The first runner to reach the finishing line was Mohamed Razik who returned after only 19:42min., he was followed by Philipp Schneider (19:58min.) and André Lightsey-Walker (20:26min.). The fastest woman was Kathrin Stock (25:14min.) with Pia Briger (26:03min.) and Giulia Lace-lid (26:15min.) on 2nd and 3rd place. Fastest team was “We Run AKW" of Campus Riedberg at 93:77min (the summed up time of their four fastest runners). The team “Hells Algae" was also honoured, winning the price for: best t-shirt. Additionally there was a raffle for extra prices among all participants to celebrate the community as a whole.

Refreshments were offered by Sturm&Drang in the form of grillables while the cheerful sports students council took care of everyone's drinks. The Goethe-Campus-Race participants lingered inside the sports arena for long after and enjoyed the sound performance by Tillmann Frössl and Marieke Steuer as well as the magical contemporary dance presentation by Emeel and Süreyya Safie. The words “We will return next year!" were uttered often.

This 1. Goethe-Campus-Race was put together by the centre for collegiate sports (Zentrum für Hochschulsport), the department PR&communication and CAMPUSERVICE. Supported by a bulk of volunteers; among these were the players of the successful female soccer team of trainer Nicolai König, who served as track marshals and water providers around Campus Westend.

This text is followed by additional impressions in the voices of our participants:

Vice-president prof. Rolf van Dick:

“I considered the announcement of this race a wonderful idea, signed myself up immediately and advertised it in my department. As I arrived at Campus Ginnheim, I was immediately struck by the multitude of branches that were present. There were employees of libraries, Riedberg- and Westend- departments as well as administrative-technical personnel, many of which wearing exceptional running shirts which they created.

We started as a team of four and had a lot of fun, but the race gave me an opportunity to talk to colleagues from different departments as well (which might have been detrimental to my personal best time?).

What I considered especially great was the inclusion of more than half of this year's participants in the university summer school. As this project consists of students, originating from more than 30 countries, that spend 4 weeks at our university attending a wide variety of disciplines (from law, psychology and linguistics, all the way over to gender studies or artificial intelligence). And they were also representing themselves very strong, not only but also with the 3th place of the male runners. The remarkable programme of live music, calisthenics and dance presentation offered these students a totally different insight into Goethe University as well as it offered an opportunity for Goethe employees to get to know these summer school students better. In short the Campus Race was a place for an uncomplicated way to meet and get acquainted. We look all the same in sports clothing and that's apparent from the overall vibe! I heard “Next year, once more" more than once!"

Liv Celin Krämer, doctoral candidate in the department of biological science, speaking on behalf of team “Hells Algae" (winners of the t-shirt contest)

“Our work group decided to participate in the Goethe Race as a team building event shortly after its announcement. Due to diversity in our fondness for endurance sports we decided to form one group for running and one for walking. Our logo evolved from simple lunch break sketches into something increasingly sophisticated, to represent our work group for plant based cellular physiology at the institute of molecular bio science. Everyone wanted to properly show off their model organism, and that's how our logo for “Hells Algae" came to be. In the centre we have the two diatoms Cyclotella meneghiniana (right side) and Phaeodactylum tricornutum (left).

The collective race and our personal highlight of winning the t-shirt contest turned this event into an unforgettable one for the AG Büchel & Fellows. We want to say thank you very much for the organization and we would be glad to participate next year in the 2nd Goethe Race!"

Team WeRunAKW (fastest team; AKW = working group Wagner), department bio-chemistry, chemistry and pharmacy:

“The first Goethe Race appeared to us as a good opportunity to show off that chemists are fast runners too! Something that can come pretty handy, in case some chemical reaction gets a bit more agitated than intended. ;-) Some members of our working group are regular runners which consequently lead to the idea to use the 1. Goethe Race as a group-event. We could even motivate some of our members who aren't regular runners. Finally we designed a team-shirt just for this event.

We're especially happy that we're now able to celebrate our team's athletic victory, in addition to our already positive and productive scientific day to day cooperation. The brunch-voucher that we won will be redeemed by our whole work group together, it will thereby also serve as a welcome for our guest students from China and Japan as well as an opportunity to celebrate the five bachelor- and eight master- theses finished this month.

We were very happy about the initiative to organise a university internal race and would definitively return to defend our title. The organisation was very good and framed by a diverse and appealing programme. From our point of view, the 1. Goethe Race appears as a total success and we're thankful towards the initiators and everyone involved in its realisation."

Dr. Anke Sauter, scientific editor, department PR&communication

“The Goethe-Campus-Race is a great idea! The route from Campus Ginnheim to Campus Westend and back was very diversified and a lot of fun. And post run, there was a lot of opportunity to chat, I even met a couple of people in their sports dress, whom I only knew from phone calls. I also liked the dance and calisthenics presentations."

Alexander Demandt, Team Johann Christian Senckenberg / Running Librarians (5th place among the men with 21:05min.)

“Running on your own is fun, but running together makes happy. Naturally, a few members of our team of running librarians had also some competitive ambitions. But the communal experience before and after the race was indeed our primary motivation. The attractive frame programme of music, acrobatics and dance, combined with the hospitable atmosphere and tasty provisions after the race created an enjoyable invitation to linger. The numerous volunteers commitment was commendable. The finisher-shirts were pleasingly designed.

This meticulously planned event realised a long standing dream for one of our members as well as one of our supporters. We're eagerly awaiting the second one next year! Maybe it will be possible to get a starter pistol until then."

Inga Buschmann, assistant in department 02, and Iris Gebler-Lauer, secretary for gender equality, for the team “Netzwerk AdAs"

“The Netzwerk AdAs was part of the 1. Goethe-Campus-Race. A team of six women from our network walked the route, because anyone could be a runner. This first Goethe-Campus-Race was a good opportunity for us to make our network more visible to our colleagues, as we're not as well known across the university as a whole. Some colleagues came in contact with us because of our t-shirts and we grabbed this opportunity to present our network. These t-shirts which we created will also be worn by us in future events. The event as a whole was plain and simple just great. We even reached the finishing line without any training. The organisation ahead of the race was well planned and the time until the starting signal was entertaining thanks to the presentations and made many people laugh and wonder. The track was marvellously tagged and the track marshals motivated us with chants and gestures. The entertainment programme after the finishing line was very diverse. Music, award ceremony, dance presentation, food and drinks turned it into an entertaining group-event. Next year we will certainly be part of it again. It would be great if next year there could be more of the older colleagues or people whose leisure activities are not sports related, as we're proven that the Goethe-Campus-Race can be mastered with merriment instead of physical endurance."

Team Career Service

“We had a lot of fun at the Goethe Race! We were very impressed by the athletes which performed afore and after the race. We will stay fit and rejoin next year!"

Dr. Helfe Kminek, scientific staff, department education

“A few improvements could be made (safe storage of valuables, for example). But at least in my personal case a fast and uncomplicated solution could be created. And this directly relegates us to the very enjoyable atmosphere that originated from the multitude of members of Goethe University throughout the whole event. Every single one of the 300 runners was celebrated at the finishing line. It was a fun event that will hopefully get it's sequel next year. This is how physical well being complements mental work at the Goethe University.

Based on the namesake of our university: “Healthy people are those, in whose arrangement of matters of the body and the mind, there is a vita propria in each of them." A big thank you goes out to everyone who made this event possible.

Edith Bobel (Starting number 75, Team “Johann Christian Senckenberg / Running Librarians")

“As a relatively new employee of Goethe University, the Goethe Race offered a nice and welcome opportunity to meet members of other departments in a relaxed atmosphere. Through the process of forming a running team out of members of all our libraries, I had an instant opportunity to get in contact with colleagues of the other libraries and felt immediately integrated.

The event was very well organised and the frame programme composed of athletic performances and music created a chill atmosphere that complemented it well. Our track led solely through the greens which was very convenient given the temperatures. I was especially positively impressed that only reusable cups were used even at the refreshment stations.

I will be happy to rejoin next year, and I hope I can motivate some more of my colleagues to participate, considering that the race was very much suitable for every stage of competence."

Elisabeth Kummert, academic advisor, central academic advisory, study-service-centre

“Goethe-Race: really hot!!! But after the (snail paced) finish, it felt like it was worth every single drop of sweat."

Julian Artner (construction commission, site realignment and -development) for “Goethes Laufburschen"

“Exhausting, hot, very nice atmosphere during and after the race, great organisation and entertaining frame programme, especially the band. Drinks, food, everything was good. Dr. Fester publicly announced to participate next year."

Tome Sandevski, employee of the department for research and trainees.

“The race was very much fun. Perfectly organised with a beautiful frame programme. Most fascinating to me was the fact that one doesn't have to cross a single road on the way from Campus Ginnheim to Campus Westend! Until next year!"

Ursula Maßner, assistant to the management at the House of Finance, and Ulrike Furchheim, secretary CFS.

“We liked it very much and we will return next year! Running is our usual past time and we already participated in the J.P.-Morgan. Originally we wanted to form a whole team out of members of the House of Finance, but it didn't work out this time, as many of them aren't in Frankfurt at the moment."

© Photo: Benjamin André