Heat battle, fun and cheerfulness at the Summerchallenge 2019

The first Summerchallenge at Campus Ginnheim started on Wednesday the 26th of June 2019.

It’s goal was to create an event that would promote physical movement and interpersonal engagement, as well as fun and fairness. Therefore the sports student council and the centre for university sports FfM came together to create a joint multi-sports-tournament.

The council took care of food, drinks and refreshment opportunities to battle the heat, as well as the music.

This event fielded about 200 athletes and guests while also offering the latter ones opportunities to integrate themselves into various games and challenges. The official starting signal was at 5pm.

Ten beach volleyball teams, eighteen spike ball teams and eight soccer teams were part of the competitions, and despite or maybe because of the excessive heat wave, the overall mood and team spirits were outstanding.

Aside from this, there was also a HYROX challenge where everyone who wanted to could compete.

HYROX is a combination of strength, endurance and HIIT. This particular station offered competitive farmers walk with various weights, machine rowing and machine skiing.

The Techniker Krankenkasse had a Speedshot station build up, which offered the chance to measure one’s kicking and throwing speed.

There was also the ZfH GoethePlay-Bike, which organised additional sports games like frisbee or viking chess but also had a few inflatable beanbags for relaxation. The final award ceremony at 8pm set a satisfying end to two and a half hour of competitive playtime for the teams. The victorious teams of all three tournaments as well as the winners of the HYROX challenges each won a free hour of Stand-Up Paddling from the Hochschulsport.

The Summerchallenge was a great success for all participants and everyone involved in its organisation, and will therefore be repeated next year.

Martin Mieke, leadership of the centre of collegiate sports FfM is very pleased: “The Summerchallenge was a great event and I’m especially happy about the great cooperation between the trainers, the sports students council and the centre for collegiate sports.”

© Photo: Jürgen Lecher