Eventmanagement: Tips, Tricks und Checklists (Handout)

Quickly organizing a summer festival, a student conference or an information meeting? Is this really so easy? The organization of smaller events can also be complex and raise many questions. This is particularly true in the time of Covid-19 during which organizers are confronted with unknown questions and problems when planning and carrying out digital events. In this handout, you will receive tips on how to plan, implement and follow up small and big events as well as useful contacts and links. 

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Digital Workshop: Project Management Tools for Study (Video Presentation) 

Keeping an overview of the different requirements of your study is already challenging enough. If additional duties such as a part-time job, a language course or family must be managed as well, your everyday life can quickly become confusing. In order to coordinate your studies and other duties effectively, project management tools can be of great help. In this digital workshop you will learn how you can effectively organize your duties in the short- and long-term, how you can plan your weekly duties, how you can create a functioning, daily to-do list and which project tools can help you to do the work.

Digital Workshop: Projekt Management Tools for Study (Video Presentation)