Writing Post-doctoral Research Grants for Linguists

Organized by RTG Nominal Modification and GRADE Center Language

Date: Friday, 3. December 2021, 10:00 – 12:00
Dr. Bettina Maria Heiss (GU Research Support)

Friday, 21. January 2022, 10:00 – 12:00
Prof. Dr. Jacopo Toregrossa (GU Romance Languages and Linguistics)

Target group: Advanced Doctoral Researchers and Postdocs in Linguistics

Language: English

Location: Online per Zoom platform


This workshop aims to equip junior researchers with tools and guidelines required write a
successful post-doctoral grant proposal in the area of linguistics. The workshop consists
of two parts. In the first part Dr. Heiss will introduce formal details of a post-doctoral
grants such as budget, ethics, collaboration etc. focusing on DFG applications. In the
second part Prof. Torregrossa will present guidelines on how to integrate linguistics
content into the proposal and share his experience on the process research grant

The topics which will be covered are:

• Forming a budget
• Review boards
• Specifics of Ethics approval
• Approaching hosts and collaborators
• Integrating linguistics content into the proposal

The workshop is open to all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of linguistics who are
members of GRADE Center Language.

To register and receive access link to the meeting room please send an e-mail to Nuhbalaoglu@em.uni-frankfurt.de by November 22, 2021.