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Stereotypical everyday thinking about gender, ethnicity and religion etc. has become inscribed in the structures of academia and is reproduced again and again in research, teaching and administration. Changes towards a gender- and diversity-sensitive academic culture are therefore an important goal for Goethe University, but one that can only be achieved in the long term. In order to counteract bias effects in science and research, Goethe University places a focus on promoting gender studies as well as research that relates to other diversity categories, such as research on migration or inclusion.

Gender Studies is an inter- or transdisciplinary and internationally oriented field of science and research that understands 'gender' as a category of critical analysis of science, culture and society and examines conditions and meanings of gender and gender relations in different historical, social and political contexts. This involves topics such as the division of labor and the gender pay gap, questions of recognition and discrimination, different ways of life and lifestyles, or gender images in various media and their influence on everyday life. Central questions are the social and cultural shaping of gender relations and the formation and change of the understanding of 'gender' and 'gender difference'.

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Cornelia Goethe Center

The Cornelia Goethe Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CGC) is an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research and study center of the Goethe University Frankfurt a. M., in which scholars from different departments cooperate. The scientific profile is determined by the focal points and current research questions of those involved in the center. In cooperation with eight departments of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the CGC offers the interdisciplinary B.A. minor in Gender Studies with 60 credit points. Students also have the opportunity to complete a certificate program.


Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies (minor subject)

Since the winter semester 2015/2016, Goethe University has been offering the Bachelor's program (minor) Gender Studies in cooperation with the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women's Studies and the Study of Gender Relations (CGC) and the Department of Social Sciences. The interdisciplinary curriculum includes the Cornelia Goethe Institute's own lectures and colloquia as well as thematically related courses from the eight cooperating departments of Psychology, Education, Theology, Philosophy and History, Physical Education, Law, Modern Philologies, and Linguistics and Cultural Studies. The program comprises 60 credits and can be combined with all bachelor's degree programs at Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. that provide for a minor in this scope.


„Kleine Genderprojekte“ at Goethe University

Gender research at Goethe University is also funded with 20,000 euros annually for so-called „Kleine Genderprojekte“ ("small gender projects"). These funds, which are counter-financed by the departments with 50% of the requested amount, are intended in particular for the promotion of junior researchers in gender studies and are primarily intended to be used to kick-start larger projects or to support research projects. The call for proposals is issued once a year.

The list of projects funded so far can be found here (german).


Gender research in teaching

The goal of Goethe University is to:

• improve the quality of teaching and research by integrating the results of gender research,
• impart gender and diversity competencies in university didactics and teacher training, and
• further promote the attractiveness of STEM subjects for students by including gender aspects in teaching.