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(Vigorously confronting sexualized discrimination and violence.)

With its "laut*stark" campaign, Goethe University takes a firm stand against all forms of sexualized discrimination and violence.

In this way, Goethe University is focusing attention on the topic of sexualized discrimination and violence, which is also being discussed more intensively at Goethe University, not least in the context of the #MeToo debate, and is making incidents of sexualized discrimination more visible.

As a result of these discussions, the Equal Opportunities Office and other university institutions have intensified their work against sexualized discrimination and violence in order to ensure greater safety on campus, better stand up for those affected, and expand counseling services.

We encourage those affected to take advantage of help and support. In particular, we also call on those who observe incidents or become aware of them in their work environment to look, support and report observed cases.

Speak Out (german): Dr. Anja Wolde, Equal Opportunities Officer and Head of the Equal Opportunities Office, and Vice President Prof. Rolf van Dick in an interview about the "laut*stark" campaign in UniReport 6.18 (german).

Forms, Options for Action and Information

Forms of sexualized discrimination and violence

Forms of sexualized discrimination and violence

Sexualized discrimination is always an expression of violence and a crossing of boundaries, which can show itself in verbal, non-verbal, physical and virtual ways, e.g.:

  • suggestive remarks and "jokes" about appearance, clothing, behavior, intimacy
  • derogatory remarks with sexual content
  • indiscreet "questioning" about one's lifestyle
  • distributing, hanging up and showing depictions of sexist and pornographic content
  • repeated and persistent staring and stalking
  • unwanted verbal and physical advances, e.g. whistling behind, "hitting on", touching, assaults
  • requests for sexual acts
  • threats of violence, forcing sexual acts, and coercion
  • Cyberbullying, e.g., assaultive messages via cell phones, in chats, or via email.

Sexual discrimination does not mean mutual sexual interest or flirtation entered into with mutual consent, or casual touching.

What to do?

What to do?

Every incident is different and every person reacts differently, so there are no blanket behavioral tips. The following are some courses of action that have proven useful and that you can apply appropriately depending on the situation:

  • Don't wait for the misbehavior to occur on its own.
  • Don't be afraid to consistently shut down the situation - you don't owe anyone a conversation!
  • Address the perpetrator directly, name the misbehavior with clear words and gestures, and create clear boundaries.
  • Protest loudly.
  • Do not let anything be taken out of your hand.
  • In acute situations, call for help and request assistance from those present; security and gate personnel can also help.
  • Remain alert and support individuals you feel are uncomfortable talking to or supposedly flirting with.
  • Report incidents to Goethe University counseling centers.

Take your feelings and your own perceptual impressions seriously and realize that you are not an isolated case and are not to blame for the misconduct of others.

Information centers and support services


Counseling offers

Sexualized discrimination is still an everyday occurrence for many people. Those affected should feel encouraged to contact the appropriate counseling persons within and outside of Goethe University in the event of sexualized harassment.

At Goethe University, at the City of Frankfurt or at independent counseling facilities, support and confidential counseling is available, anonymously if requested. Goethe University cooperates with counseling institutions that specialize in the subject of sexual harassment.

The following contact persons advise those affected in cases of sexualized discrimination and violence and help to arrange counseling and support services. Furthermore, they support the university in the implementation of measures to protect against sexualized violence. The counseling is confidential and can also be provided anonymously upon request.


For University Members

Counseling for employees

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer      

Annemarie Eifler 
Tel.: +49 69 798-18123
Campus Westend, IKB-Building, Room 1410

Counseling for students

Antidiscrimination Center

Jana Arnold
Tel.: +49 69798-18134
Campus Westend, IKB-Building, Room 113