Offensive "Goethe University =Opportunities"

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In 2017, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main launched a new offensive: "Goethe University =Opportunities". In this way, Goethe University is providing further impetus to achieve lived diversity and equal opportunities and thus also to increase the quality of research and teaching. The key points of the "Goethe University =Opportunities" offensive were adopted by the Senate in summer 2016 in a strategy paper entitled "Potential for better research and academia".
The heart of the offensive is the implementation of the "Central Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024" (german version), which was developed in 2016/17 and published after its adoption in 2019. What is new about this action plan is that gender equality measures and diversity policies are closely interrelated. The university wants to meet the current social and political challenges through an intersectional approach and counter inequalities of opportunity even more decisively. This includes raising awareness of discrimination among all university members. Through brochures, films, and other media, the university will provide more information about equality and diversity policies. The goal is to engage university members and affiliates in an active commitment to equal opportunity and to place respectful interaction at the center of an appreciative campus culture.

Further publications can be found on the German website for the offensive.

Brochures and publications

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Potential for better research and academia

On the basis of its previous successes, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main is launching a new offensive in 2017 for the implementation of equal opportunity:

Goethe University =OPPORTUNITY. With its first Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan it is setting the course for the increased transformation of the university by firmly establishing Gender Equality & Diversity Policies as strategies for the development of the quality of teaching, research, and administration. Goethe University is thus the first German university to introduce a uniform equal opportunity strategy concept. The action plan, to be implemented by 2022, brings together all of the previous concepts and initiatives associated with Gender Equality & Diversity policies in an intersectional perspective. With the involvement of numerous actors, concrete measures were worked out in a participative process. They are geared to each other both in terms of content as well as processually and can therefore engender a great deal of self-assertion, multifaceted synergies, and a high degree of commitment and transparency for all members of the university.

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Guide to Active Recruiting

To increase equality of opportunity for women scholars, in 2008 Goethe University had already devised a “Plan for Women’s Advancement 2008-2014”, which comprised active recruiting as a key strategic tool in the hiring process for professors. This self-imposed obligation was reinforced in 2015 when all Higher Education Institutions in the state of Hesse signed an “Agreement on Quality
Criteria for universal application in Hesse to ensure gender equality in faculty hiring. To reverse the continuing dearth of women currently holding positions as professors and as university administrators, active recruiting of highly qualified women academics is an option that also maintains the highest qualitative standards.