Success through Engagement – A Guidebook for International Students

In this guidebook, you will get to know what civil engagement and voluntary work in Germany means and what kind of advantages it has for you and society. In five simple steps, we will show you how to find the most suitable voluntary work and engagement opportunity for you.

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Discuss, Decide, and Organize: Information and Tips on the Participation in A Student Council for International Students (Handout)

How can you actively participate in decision-making processes as an international student? This handout will give you an overview of what a student council means, what opportunities it has to offer and where you can get relevant information on the topic.

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Digital Learning in Groups – Organization, Tools, and Techniques (Video Presentation)

Learning in groups is crucial for your academic success. In this presentation, you will learn how to organize a learning group and how to get benefits from learning in groups in digital space. Specifically, topics such as the advantages and disadvantages of learning in groups, helpful tools, and study technics in a digital environment will be introduced. Have a look to see how your engagement in a learning group can enrich your university life!

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