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Misfolding in mitochondria

Misfolded proteins cause many diseases including neurodegenerative conditions and cancer. To protect themselves from protein misfolding, cells have developed sophisticated quality control mechanisms. How they work is the subject of research currently being conducted by Dr. Christian Münch of Goethe University.

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Sasanian loom discovered

Archaeologists from Goethe University return from a successful expedition in Northern Iraq.

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Museum Giersch

Pictures of a nearly forgotten artist couple

Goethe University's Museum Giersch is dedicating a comprehensive retrospective exhibition to Eric and Jula Isenburger. As Jews, they had to leave Germany and finally found a new life in New York.

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Theoretical Physics

Interstellar space probes: Where’s the brakes?!

Prof. Claudius Gros, theoretical physicist at Goethe University Frankfurt, has examined whether interstellar spacecraft can be decelerated using “magnetic sails”.

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How cells filter status updates

Social media have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We use them constantly to screen the latest news and share pre-selected information. The cells in our body do a similar thing.

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Research news about baker's yeast

Biotechnologists at Goethe University Frankfurt have now succeeded in optimizing sugar utilization in baker’s yeast.

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EU funding

Cloud formation, infection research, ubiquitin code

The European Union is funding three new projects - Innovative Training Networks (ITN) within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme - for structured doctoral training at Goethe University Frankfurt.

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