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My counterpart determines my behavior

In a recent study, Frankfurt social-psychologist Dr. Anna Lisa Aydin discovers that while the social class in which a person is raised influences behavior, the communication situation is even more important.

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Extreme heat episodes are going to increase

Climate researcher Joachim Curtius from the Goethe University on the effects of this record-breaking summer, their human influence, and the outlook for the future

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New hope for rare disorder

A new drug has been successfully tested at the University Hospital Frankfurt, giving hope to sufferers of hereditary angioedema, a chronic and life-threatening disorder.

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3 million euro for early career researchers at Goethe University

European Research Council awards starting grants for projects on stress responses in mitochondria and Jewish translations.

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Made-to-measure silicon building blocks

Silicones are synthetic materials used in a broad range of applications. Thanks to the stability of the silicon-oxygen bond, they are resistant to chemicals and environmental influences and also harmless from a physiological point of view. As a result, silicones contribute to making everyday life easier in almost all areas. In the Journal of the American Chemical Society, chemists at Goethe University Frankfurt have now described a new way to produce long-awaited silicon building blocks in a simple and efficient way.

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Frankfurt physicists set limits on size of neutron stars

Comparison of billions of theoretical models with gravitational waves results in the answer to an old riddle.

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Frankfurt Cancer Institute: Goethe University awarded funds for new cancer research institute

Goethe University has a new LOEWE Centre under its belt – together with its own research building that is planned for completion by 2023. As announced on 29 June, a good € 73.4 million are being made available for this purpose.

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Does inflation put poorer households at a disadvantage?

Economists at Goethe University Frankfurt show that inflation in Europe is more burdensome for low income groups.

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