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Medical Science

Deep insight into the heart

The latest issue of the “Forschung Frankfurt” journal describes how modern non-invasive examinations using state-of-the-art imaging technology can reduce such risks.

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Virtual reality at the service of psychology

Scene knowledge makes the processing of visual impressions more efficient. In the current issue of the “Forschung Frankfurt” research journal, journalist Jessica Klapp tells readers about her virtual trip to Italy and explains why we don´t look for the milk under the bed or for our pillow in the bathtub. 

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Early Career Researchers in Focus

With the Focus Line A|B Goethe University is promoting early career researchers, up to six years after completion of their PhD, who are currently preparing their own independent grant proposal. The goal is to increase the chances of successful extra-mural funding. Application deadline: January 19, 2018.

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Biological Sciences

New active ingredients from the toolbox

Assembling completely new enzymes, which in turn would produce completely new natural products, seemed totally impossible up to now. The research group led by Professor Helge Bode has now achieved this. 

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Memorial Map

Experience history - with the new memorial map campus westend

Immerse yourself in the diverse history and stories of the campus westend. Even if the modern campus doesn't seem like it, the history of the site goes back to the Middle Ages. The new memorial map marks the main historical places.

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Smart people have better connected brains

Researchers at Goethe University have shown: In intelligent persons, some brain regions interact more closely, while others de-couple themselves.

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