Final Oral Exam for Modules

The official registration deadlines are defined by the Prüfungsamt. Please bear in mind that we need a certain lead time.
Please be aware of possible vacation and absence periods of the people responsible at the Prüfungsamt and the administration.

Oral exams for BA-/Master final theses with Prof. Hofmeister take place in the months 

January, April, May, June, October and November during the last calendar week respectively.

There are NO oral exams in months February, March, July, August, September and December.

Oral exams require a registration at the Prüfungsamt of Faculty 03. Please use the form Anmeldung-muendliche-Pruefung.pdf for this purpose.

Please hand in this form at Ms Breuer-Glasner's office and indicate your preferred dates (on a separate sheet).
Oral exams will in most cases take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will pass the form directly to the Prüfungsamt as soon as Prof. Hofmeister has signed it.

Overview of dates and deadlines:

Oral exam:

Registration form with Prof.  Hofmeister by:

Official registration at the Prüfungsamt by:

End of January

15th December of prior year

5th January

End of April

31st March

5th April

End of May

30th April

5th May

End of June

31st May

5th June

End of October

30th September

5th October

End of November

31st October

5th November

Terminübersicht als Download.

For oral exams Bachelor and Master thesis go to:

Bachelor / Master final thesis