Welcome to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty 05!

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Dean’s Office

Welcome to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Sciences!



Dean’s Office:

Dean: Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick
Vice-Dean Psychology: Prof. Dr. Sonja Rohrmann
Vice-Dean Sports Sciences: Prof. Dr. Christopher Heim
Deputy Dean of Studies Sports Sciences: Prof. Dr. Karen Zentgraf
Deputy Dean of Studies Psychology: Prof. Dr. Holger Horz
Faculty Administrator: Stephan Braun
Dean’s Office Administrator: Dr. des. Ninja Roth

  Martina Siebert
E-Mail: dekanat@psych.uni-frankfurt.de
Tel. +49(0)69/798-35301
Fax. +49(0)69/798-763 – 35301
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6, PEG – Campus Westend  5. G 116 
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Office hours: Mon-Thu 8:00-12:00



Our faculty confers the degrees both of Dr. phil. and Dr. phil. nat. (this will shortly be renamed as Dr. rer. nat.). About 20-25 doctoral researchers per year successfully complete their doctoral degrees, of which most are in the form of a thesis by publication. Now as before, the habilitation (postdoctoral lecturer qualification) is – alongside a junior professorship - an important route to a full professorship. 2-4 researchers complete their habilitation each year at our faculty in the framework of a publication-based process and in line with clearly defined criteria.

Doctoral Studies in Psychology, Doctoral Studies in Sports Sciences, Habilitation