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International Office consultation hours

The International Office offers various guidance services for international students enrolled at Goethe University.

Social counselling – open consultation hours

Who              Hüseyin Sitki / Susen Wessely
Contact io-sozial@uni-frankfurt.de
Where Campus Westend, PEG Building, 2nd floor, International Office;
sign up at reception
When Tuesdays + Thursdays 09:00-11:00
What Questions related to right of residence
Student funding
Guidance in difficult personal or academic matters / social counselling
Structuring, organising and completing your studies
 Forms You wish to get a statement on the appropriate progress of your
studies for the extension of your residence permit
with the
"Ausländerbehörde"? Then please complete this form in advance
and bring it with you to consultation hours. 
Please note The social counselling services do not offer advice on how to apply or register!
These questions are handled exclusively by the Applications Advisory Service.

Guidance on scholarships

Who              Barbara Budzisz
Contact io-stipendien@uni-frankfurt.de
Where Campus Westend, PEG Building, 2nd floor, International Office
When Thursdays 9:00-12:00; no appointment necessary
What Graduation scholarships and scholarships
for internships that advance the studies

IST consultation hours – Student guidance

Who              The IST team
Contact studientreff.international@uni-frankfurt.de
Where Campus Westend, PEG Building, ground floor, Service point
When 2x per week; current dates available on the IST website

Academic Welcome Program for highly qualified refugees

Who              AWP-Team
Contact awp@uni-frankfurt.de
Where Campus Bockenheim, Hörsaalgebäude, Entrance Mertonstrasse, Graefstrasse 54, Offices 101-103, 1st floor
When Tue 9:00-12:00 and Wed 1:00-4:00; no appointment necessary
What Preparation courses for university, participation in qualifications offers and guest auditing