Writing Consultations


You can make an appointment for a writing consultation with one of our peer tutors by sending an e-mail to our office staff at schreibzentrum[at]dlist.uni-frankfurt.de. Our writing consultations are free of charge and most of our tutors consult in German and in English.

Further help for international students who speak German as a foreign language is available here.

We cannot and are not allowed to give you feedback on discipline-specific content. Rather, our peer tutors are specially experienced peer readers, trained in writing pedagogy and writing strategies. We focus on your writing process, your arguments, and the structure of your text. If you have concerns about the content of your writing project, please approach the lecturers and tutors from your faculty.


The writing conference is a conversation. We may cover a whole host of topics, including:

  • the writing process
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • different writing strategies and techniques
  • The causes of struggles with writing
  • Feedback on your text

We approach your text as careful and experienced readers. For instance, we consider:

  • Is there a thesis or a research question?
  • How do you organize your arguments and present evidence for them?
  • Can the reader trace the logic of your text?
  • Do you express your thoughts concisely and suitably for those you address?

We will not proofread or edit your work, but we can point out if you repeatedly make the same mistake. Ultimately, you are responsible for your spelling and punctuation.

Dialogue is at the heart of Writing Center pedagogy and work. Accordingly, we do not give feedback via e-mail or by written annotations in the text.

Plan your writing consultations in time. Keep your deadline in mind; know that you will need time to revise before you hand in your writing project. Please note that at the end of the semester many students request an appointment and we work at full capacity.

The step-by-step guide to a writing consultation

  1. Send an e-mail to schreibzentrum[at]dlist.uni-frankfurt.de.
  2. A peer tutor will contact you promptly and propose a date to meet with you.
  3. Via e-mail, you will explain the focus of the consultation to the peer tutor. If you want feedback on a specific part of your text, you may enclose up to seven pages.
  4. The consultation mainly consists of a dialogue about your writing project and takes one hour. In this conversation, you and the peer tutor will together work out solutions for your questions with the help of our additional material.
  5. If you cannot sufficiently cover all the questions you want to talk about, the peer tutor and you can make a new appointment directly.