Costs of living & studying

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Next to Munich, Hamburg or Cologne, Frankfurt am Main is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. Whether it’s a cappuccino, the rent or entry to a museum – prices in the banking metropolis are often considerably higher than in other regions. This fact is reflected in the cost of living.

These are the kind of expenses you can expect per month on average:


around 400 €


182 €


53 €

Semester fees (further information see below)

366,21 €  (approx. 60 € per month) 


33 €


80 €

Study resources

39 €


72 €



Grand total

946 €

You should ensure that you always have some more money at your disposal than you actually need so you are prepared for unplanned expenses!

Semester fees at Goethe University

The semester fees at Goethe University (winter semester 2018) cover the following contributions:

RMV-Semesterticket 213,14 EUR
Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (NVV) 5,60 EUR
Expansion (VGWS) 0,72 EUR
Palmengarten 1,10 EUR
Kultur- und Sozialticket (cultur and social ticket) 1,55 EUR
AStA-Härtefonds (hartship fund)

0,60 EUR

Beitrag Studierendenschaft 10,50 EUR
Beitrag zum Studentenwerk 81,50 EUR
Campus-Bike 1,50 EUR

Verwaltungskostenbeitrag (administration fee)

50,00 EUR


Grand total

366,21 EUR