Welcome to the English website of the department of Christian Religious and Cultural Theory!

The chair of Christian Religious and Cultural Theory wants critically to observe religious phenomena in contemporary culture from the perspectives of different theological

disciplines by having a certain proximity to fundamental theology and cultural sciences at the same time.

Method and definition

This recent discipline sees its main task in emphasizing religious-political as well as theological debates, following the most current status of modern iconological narration – unfolding a broad global and cultural virtue. It is based on Christian theological tradition as well as on philosophical history or literary theory. In particular, referring to reception aesthetics and anthropology by Wolfgang Isers and other critical theories.

At present a cultural turn can be observed that has replaced the linguistic turn in which the iconic turn emerges only as a temporary episode.  Therefore, we argue for a methodical relation between Theology and other disciplines like Religious or Cultural Studies.

Altogether Christian Religious and Cultural Theory investigates phenomena of contemporary culture deliberately in respect of the Christian tradition understood as the worship and following of Jesus Christ.

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Current publications

Stefan Orth/Michael Staiger/joachim Valentin (Hgg), Filmbilder des Islam, Schüren 2014.
Postkonfessionelle Filmikonographien. Mit C. Martig u. K. Visarius. Marburg (Schüren) 2013.
Eschatologie. Paderborn (Schöningh) 2013.
Paulus unter den Philosophen. Mit C. Strecker. Stuttgart (Kohlhammer) 2013.
Natürlich Kultur. Postsäkulare Positionierungen. Mit Martin Ramb. Paderborn (Schöningh) 2010.
Religiöse Blicke ? Blicke auf das Religiöse. Visualität und Religion. Mit Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati und Bärbel Beinhauer-Köhler. Zürich (TVZ) 2010.
Wie kommt Gott in die Welt? Fremde Blicke auf den Leib Christi. Frankfurt a.M. (Verlag der Weltreligionen) 2009.
Parallelwelten. Christliche Religion und die Vervielfachung von Wirklichkeit. ReligionsKulturen 6. Stuttgart (Kohlhammer) 2009. Mit Johann Evangelist Hafner.
Dogville – Godville. Methodische Zugänge zu einem Film Lars von Triers. (film und theologie 12) mit Stefan Orth und Michael Staiger. Marburg (Schüren 2008)
Sakrileg - eine Blasphemie? Dan Browns Werk kritisch gelesen. Münster (Aschendorff) 2007.