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Recognition of Achievements | Language Certificates

Recognition of Achievements

Should you wish to have any learning achievements recognized in the framework of your degree programme which you have attained in the course of your exchange visit at a partner university or other research institution (e.g. internships), this must be agreed BEFOREHAND with the Programme Coordinator or Programme Director (Bachelor and Masters degree programmes) or the Module Convener (teaching degree programmes).

We recommend that you record the courses you have chosen at your partner university in what is referred to as a Learning Agreement. In the case of structured exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, this is even mandatory (please refer to the special forms). If no specific Learning Agreement is provided for your exchange programme, we recommend that you use the Faculty’s own template: Learning Agreement of the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

There is naturally no point in consulting your Programme Coordinator, Programme Director or Module Convener until after you have been accepted for an exchange!

Recognition of your learning achievements is only possible after your return! Please enquire beforehand which certificates or other documents must be presented in order for your achievements to be recognized.

To prepare your Learning Agreement and for later recognition of your learning achievements please contact: 

Bachelor in Biosciences

Preparation of Learning Agreement: Assistant to the Dean of Studies

Dr. Schleucher


Recognition of Learning Achievements:
Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Grünewald

Masters in Cell Biology and Physiology/ Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interaction (PBioC)

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Kaufmann-Reiche

Masters in Interdisciplinary Neurosciences

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Lahner

Masters in Molecular Biotechnology

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Bode

Masters in Molecular Biosciences

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Fauth

Masters in Ecology and Evolution

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Brüggemann

Teaching degrees (L3, L2, L5)

Respective Module Convener

L3 Module Conveners
L2/L5 Module Conveners

Recognition of Learning Achievements: Contact Persons


Language proficiency

Language courses

Make the most of courses offered by the Language Centre to prepare for your exchange visit. Particularly recommendable is language training in the shape of language tandems

Lector’s Certificate

Most partner universities accept what is known as a “Lector’s Certificate”. These are issued free of charge by the respective language teachers at Goethe University Frankfurt. It is, however, essential that you make an appointment as early as possible. Contact details can be found on the International Office website.

Co-funding by the Faculty

Faculty 15 subsidizes English language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate) from the “Quality of Study Conditions and Teaching” fund. Up to 80% of exam fees and cost of literature can be reimbursed. Costs for preparatory courses are not subsidized!

An informal application to the International Relations Officer of Faculty 15 is sufficient (contact details can be found on the right). It must include the following documents and information:

  • Copy of your language certificate
  • Invoices (or other proof, e.g. receipts) for the fees paid
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Bank details
  • Postal address
  • BSc students must justify why they need the certificate

The Quality of Study Conditions and Teaching Commission decides once each semester which applications are eligible for a subsidy. Further information can be found in this letter from the Dean of Studies.