Goethe-University Alumni Networks

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Anyone who has ever studied, worked or done research at Goethe University is an alumnus or alumna. Goethe Alumni is the cross-faculty alumni network of Goethe University. Over 30,000 members are linked across all of the university’s alumni networks and associations. Membership is free – all graduates are encouraged to join, as the numerous contacts and opportunities available here could really make a difference to you finding and starting a job.

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Alumniportal Deutschland

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The Alumniportal Deutschland is open to everyone who has ever studied, done research, taken a language class or made use of other educational offers in Germany and who wants to maintain contacts with and within Germany. These are the portal’s offers:

  • social network for exchanging knowledge and for cooperation
  • interviews, portraits of and news from German institutions
  • offers for tender, events and further education
  • webinars
  • international job and career opportunities
  • free German courses

Plus, in particular:

Careers fairs “Trained in GermanY“ – The careers fairs “Trained in GermanY“ offer exclusive access to German and international employers and educational institutions in the respective home country to “Germany Alumni“ who have received their qualification in Germany or at a German institution abroad. They are the leading global careers fairs for Germany Alumni, offered in both real and virtual format.

Job exchange – Germany Alumni usually have good technical and language expertise and are familiar with the German way of thinking and working. This makes them very attractive employees for German businesses and organisations worldwide. In the job exchange, businesses and organisations specifically looking for employees with this “Germany expertise“ post temporary and permanent positions and contracts.

DAAD Alumni

Anyone who has ever received support from the DAAD can make use of the services offered to DAAD Alumni – the DAAD wants to continue support for its alumni, for example by funding material resources or seminars, by giving advice and support for university programmes and associations.