Studying and working

Earn some money while making valuable experiences

There are many possibilities for students to work during their studies. However, it is important to keep the main focus on studying. If you are an international student and you want to work in Germany, you can find comprehensive information on the following pages and in our flyer.

Advice services offered by Goethe University

Goethe University offers a wide range of advice services related to work and career questions. Even if you are only considering a part-time job during your studies, or an internship, you should take advantage of these offers. For example, you can ask for your application and CV to be checked to ensure that they comply with common practice in Germany. You can get advice for a job interview, attend various informative events and much more!

Career Service

Offers related to job orientation and career design for German and international students: individual consulting (Career coaching, Checking your application, Coaching for tests), workshops and lectures (Practical experiences, Job orientation, Training for applications, A good start to the job, Qualifications for specific professional areas, Seminars on life/work balance). There is also a special Career service for international students!

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Career Center and Arbeitsagentur (federal employment agency)

The Career Center forms part of the Career Service to help students and graduates find jobs in cooperation with external partners from the business world. Furthermore, there are courses for additional qualifications, and career fairs.

Both the Career Center and the Arbeitsagentur (federal employment agency) offer consultation hours in the Hörsaalzentrum (main lecture hall building, Campus Westend).

Arbeitsagentur: Mondays & Fridays 09:00-13:00

Goethe University Career Center: Mondays 14:00-17:00 and Thursdays 13:00-17:00

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General advice services of the AstA (students’ representative body) Frankfurt and the DGB Jugend (German trade unions’ youth organisation)

First-step advice on matters of employment law (for all students) in the AstA Campus Office (Campus Westend, white bungalow between the Casino and the PA building, room 7)

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