The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

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Profile of the Department

The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Frankfurt is an academic setting in which the uniqueness and interdependency of cultures from all over the world are analyzed from the perspective of the actors involved. The staff of the department is composed of experts on Africa, Central and South Asia (India), Southeast Asia, Melanesia, Oceania, North and Latin America, and Europe. The staff members also supervise student projects carried out in these regions.

The research focuses of our professors and lecturers are as follows:

  • Diffusion — appropriation — innovation
  • Conflict — mobility — migration
  • Popular culture — media — object culture
  • Transformation of postcolonial societies and the formation of normative orders
  • Transcultural historical research

In the context of the Bachelor’s Programme, students benefit from the various cooperation partners of the department, which include the Frobenius Institute — the oldest research institution of cultural and social anthropology in Germany — the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders”, the Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam, the research training group Value and Equivalence, the research centre Point Sud in Bamako (Mali), as well as numerous international institutions of higher education.