Coordinated Programmes


The jointly funded coordination position serves as first contact person for the participating coordinated programmes and is located at the equal opportunities office to enable professional exchange with colleagues and direct arrangements. Newly accepted DFG-funded collaborative research centres and research training groups are invited to participate in the cooperation for the joint coordination position.

The coordinator Martina Kenk is a member of the nationwide network GenderConsulting in coordinated programmes. She was the spokesperson of the network from 2014 - 2017.

Service offers for coordinated programmes:

  • Information about services and activities regarding equal opportunities
  • Individual advice for early researchers about services
  • Arrangement and Organization of needs-orientated workshops for women, coaching, gender sensibility trainings
  • Arranging contact to services of Goethe-University, especially at the equal opportunities office
  • Semi-annual network meetings with participating coordinated programmes
  • Communication with DFG on application of funds
  • Evaluation of activities for equal opportunities and concept development
  • Participation in nationwide network gender consulting in coordinated programmes.

Participating coordinated programmes (as of January 2018):

TRR 49 – Condensed matter systems with variable many-body interactions (until 30.06.2019)
SFB 807 – Transport and communication across biological membranes
SFB 815 – Redox-Regulation. Generatorsystems and functional consequences (until 31.12.2016)
SFB 834 – Endothelial signalling and vascular repair (until 31.12.2017)
SFB 902 – Molecular Principles of RNA-based Regulation
SFB 1095  - Schwächediskurse und Ressourcenregime (until 31.12.2016)
SFB 1177 – Molecular and Functional Characterization of Selective Autophagy
SFB/TRR 211 - Strong-Interaction Matter under Extreme Conditions
GRK 1576 - Value and Equivalence (until 31.12.2018)
GRK 1728 – Theology as an academic discipline (until 30.09.2016)
GRK 1986 – Complex  Scenarios of Light-Control
GRK 2016 – Nominal Modification
GRK 2105 - Doing Transitions
GRK 2336 - Resolution of Inflammation
LOEWE RelPos (2018)