Goethe Goes Global Application

Please note the following important changes of the Goethe Goes Global scholarship programme:

  1. From 2018 onwards Goethe Goes Global Master scholarship can be awarded for all consecutive Master’s programmes offered at Goethe University. See full list here.
  2. A simultaneous affiliation with a research unit, e.g. LOEWE-Center, Collaborative Research Center (SFB) or Cluster of Excellence, is not obligatory for the scholarship application anymore.


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Please check the following points first:

  1. Which master's degree programme are you interested in? Are you an excellent student and do you meet the application requirements, such as language skills, academic background, etc. for this particular master's degree programme? See the full list of our consecutive master's programmes here
  2. Are you interested in being a part of a research unit at Goethe University? Do your research interests match the desired research unit?
  3. Do you meet the GGG Scholarship requirements (see “your profile”)?

Please note that in your application you do not have to select a research unit to qualify. This means you do not necessarily have to choose a research unit in your application. However, when your research interests match with one of our best research units, then we strongly recommend to indicate your preference in your scholarship application.

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Deadlines and results

The scholarship deadline is the same date as the application deadline of the master's programme you apply for, i.e. you shouldsubmit your application for the degree programme and for the scholarship at the same time. For example, if you apply for Mathematics and the application deadline is August 31, the deadline for your GGG Scholarship is also August 31.

Please note that each master’s programme has its own application deadline and it is subject to change. Therefore, please pay close attention to the deadline of the specific programme you’re applying for.

You will be informed by the end of September if your application was successful.

Application documents

Please start your application by following the instructions on the website of the chosen master's degree programme.

The application documents for your master’s degree programme should be submitted online via the Online Application Portal for master’s programmes and via post to Uni-Assist in Berlin. Please be aware that some master’s programmes require an application directly through their department, e.g. GSEFM, Biophysics. Please consult the websites of these particular programmes for further information on the application procedure for the master programme (see our Master’s portal)

Within the application process through the online application portal, you can apply for the Goethe Goes Global Scholarship, too. For the programmes that require you to apply directly through their department, please apply for the scholarship by submitting your documents directly to the respective department.

In addition to the application documents you provided for the master’s degree programme, the following application documents are required for the Goethe Goes Global Scholarship (see list below). Please note that online submission via the Online Application Portal website is sufficient, no hardcopies are necessary!

    • A letter of motivation (please use the provided template!) that includes your prospective academic study plan and your academic ability. In addition, elaborate on your principle research interests. In case you want to be involved in a research unit, please explain why you have chosen the desired research unit. Please note that you can name only one research unit for this purpose. Here (LINK) is the list of those consecutive Master programmes which are embedded in our strongest research units. You will see which individual options are available for the Master programme of your choice if you intend to select a research unit
    • A comprehensive CV in tabular form (if a CV was already submitted with the master’s programme application, you do not need to hand in another one)
    • Two letters of recommendation from professors or other academic staff. Please use the provided template for the letters of recommendation Please make sure they are signed by hand and stamped with an official university seal. After they are signed and stamped, the letters of recommendation may be scanned and included in the application material you submit to uni-assist (in case uni-assist is not in charge of your programme please send it to the department; see GU-Master’s portal).

Please note that as part of the application process, we will conduct a video interview in August or September.

If you have already applied for a master's degree programme and the application deadline has not passed yet, you may log back into your master’s programme application account on the Online Application Portal website and opt to additionally apply for the Goethe Goes Global scholarship.

For more questions regarding the application process and general information please have a look at the FAQ-section.