Goethe Goes Global - Application

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Please check the following points first:

1. Which Master's degree programme are you interested in? Do you meet the application requirements, such as language skills, academic background etc. for this particular Master's degree programme? See full list of consecutive Master's programmes available at Goethe University here:  Master's degree programme

2. Is the GGG scholarship available for the Master's programme of your choice? See “scholarship available” in the list linked above or our full list of GGG Master's programmes.

3. Do your research interests match one of those of the research groups affiliated with the GGG scholarship programme (please click on the research unit to learn more)? It goes without saying that there are many more excellent research units based on the campuses of Goethe University, but the ones which are not listed here are not affiliated with the GGG scholarship programme.  

4. Does your profile meet the general requirements for the GGG scholarship?

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Deadlines and results

The scholarship deadline will differ depending on which Master's programme you are applying to - the application deadline for both the programme and the scholarship are the same.

However, there is not one single dealine for all the Master's programmes. The deadline for application depends on which Master's programme you are interested in, e.g. Mathematics 31st August, Chemistry 15th August etc..

Results regarding the outcome of the selection process for the scholarships will be published by the end of September. When it comes to the admission to the Master programme you will be notified about the results earlier.

Application documents

Please start your application by following the indications on the website of the chosen Master's degree programme.
If you have already applied for the Master's degree programme earlier, please log in to your account at the Online Application Portal and select to additionally apply for the Goethe Goes Global scholarship.

The application documents for your Master degree programme should be submitted online via the Online Application Portal for Master’s Programmes and via post to Uni-Assist. (Exceptions: GSEFM and Biophysics - Please send the application documents to the faculty in charge and consult their websites for further information on the application procedure.)

In addition to the application documents you have to provide for the Master’s degree programme, the following application documents are required for the Goethe Goes Global scholarship (no hardcopies necessary):

  • A letter of motivation that includes a prospective study plan, your academic ability and your principle research interests in connection with a research unit

    • Please use the provided template for your letter of motivation

    • Please select ONE of the research units (if there is more than one option available) related to the Master's programme of your choice and clarify this choice in your letter of motivation. Further details on the research units can be found here

    • Online submission via the Online Application Portal sufficient, no hardcopies necessary!

  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or other academic staff

    • Please use the provided template for letters of recommendation

    • Please make sure they are signed by hand and stamped with an official University seal

    • After they are signed and stamped, the letters of recommendation may be scanned and sent directly from your professor or other academic staff via e-mail to rec.masterstip@uni-frankfurt.de ; hardcopies are not necessary!

  • A comprehensive CV in tabular form

    • If a CV was already submitted for the application to the Master’s degree programme, you do not need to hand in another one

    • Online submission via the Online Application Portal sufficient, no hardcopies necessary!

Please note that as part of the application process, we will conduct a video interview in August or September.

For more questions regarding the application process and general information please have a look at the FAQ-section.