Main Cruise - Frankfurt by Boat


23 June 2017

As part of our tour of cultural and historical sites, we’d like to invite you to a cruise on the river Main. The tour will start at “Eiserner Steg” in the city center and will lead us past the picturesque banks of the river Main and the stunning sight of the ECB. After a detour through the Frankfurt Osthafen, the ship will make a turn in front of the historic Gerbermühle and we’ll sail back towards Frankfurt along the Museumsufer to the Westhafen/Schleuse Griesheim. As we relax with a coffee and cake or cold beer, we’ll get to enjoy a fantastic view of the skyline. The trip will be commentated in German and English and its duration will be approx. 100 min.

We’ll meet at 3.40 pm at the bridge „Eiserner Steg“ on the Frankfurt side (the side of Römer and Dom), directly by the river bank.

Registration beforehand is compulsary!

Please notice that registration is open until 12 June 2017. Participation is free! The number of participants is limited to 25 persons.

 For questions or suggestions concerning the Social Event, feel free to contact me at

photo: the river Main in Frankfurt by Pavel Igor Eichin Gonzalez


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