Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

With 43 professors, over 150 academic and administrative staff and more than 4.000 students, the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics is one of Goethe University`s largest faculties. Its range of study programmes encompasses the disciplines of Mathematics (BSc., MSc., teaching degrees (Lehramt)), Computer Science (BSc., MSc., teaching degrees), Bioinformatics (BSc., MSc.) and Business Informatics (MSc.).

The appointment of a large number of professors has meant that the institutes of Computer Science, Mathematics and Mathematics and Computer Science Education have been able to expand their areas of specialization in recent years. For example, “Algorithms for Big Data”, a Priority Programme of the German Research Foundation, is coordinated by the chair for Theoretical Computer Science. Technical Computer Science plays a leading role at international level in the development of efficient high-performance computers. It was possible to call to the chair EU prize winners (ERC Starting Grants) in the specialist fields of Algebra and Geometry as well as Discrete Mathematics. Our Mathematics Education is integrated in the university`s priority area of “Empirical Education Research”, our Bioinformatics in the “Macromolecular Complexes” excellence cluster, our Stochastics in biomathematics and neuroscience Priority Programmes (“Probabilistic Studies in Evolution” and “Neuronal Networks in the Mammalian Brain”) of the German Research Foundation. Frankfurt offers excellent professional prospects for our graduates in the specialist fields of Financial Mathematics and Business Information Systems.

Students can get together in learning groups in our Computer Science Learning Centre or the Mathematics Learning Centre or the Didactics of Mathematics Study Room where they can also find tutors to supervise them. Master programme students and doctoral researchers are closely involved in the research work undertaken by our working groups.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics is centrally located right next to the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt-Bockenheim and easily reached by public transport. There are plans to build new premises on Riedberg Campus (the natural sciences campus) of Goethe University.