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Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy

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Faculty 14

In the faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy, 38 professors are involved in research and teaching. They are supported by 215 permanent members of staff and teach more than 1.900 undergraduate and 500 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in three different disciplines: Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The department is located at the Riedberg Campus of the Goethe-University in the North of Frankfurt, in the direct neighbourhood of the faculties of Biological Sciences (German), Physics (German), Geosciences (German), the Cluster of Excellence Frankfurt Macromolecular Complexes, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) and the Max-Planck-Institutes for Biophysics and Brain research. In addition, a biotechnology think-tank, the near-by Frankfurter Innovationszentrum (FIZ) supports the knowledge transfer between basic research and new business.


The departments of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy respectively offer the following courses: (all information in German)
                         Biochemistry (Bachelor and Master)                               Chemistry (Bachelor, Master and teaching degrees)
                         Pharmacy (State Exam)

Furthermore, we offer numerous courses to students of other scientific programs:
                                                 Chemistry for Natural Scientists
& Chemistry for Medical Students

The following courses were designed in cooperation with other faculties:
           Biophysics (Bachelor and Master)      Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (Master in English)     Environmental Sciences (Master)

In addition to the aboveprograms, we offer a variety of activities for pupils and schools. Further information (in German).


Research in the faculty focuses on two areas "Life Science" and "Material Science". These central themes can be divided into the research areas of structural research, drug discovery, regulation by light, structure and function of membrane proteins and supramolecular chemistry.

Some of this research is performed in interdisciplinary research centres such as the BMRZ, the CMP/FCAM, the CSC and ZAFES (in German). Two "Sonderforschungsbereiche" (SFB; collaborative research centres supported by the DFG) and three research groups are located within the faculty. Our researchers are involved in three other SFBs and in various centers and activities of theHessian LOEWE-program.
In addition, two graduate colleges and graduate schools exist. The faculty houses two Lichtenberg professorships, a Heisenberg professorship, three Emmy-Noether-groups and two ERC Starting Grant Young Investigators Groups . Furthermore, the faculty is involved in the Cluster of Excellence for Macromolecular Complexes: Two associate professors, eleven Principal Investigators, an Adjunct Investigator and the speaker are associated with the department. The faculty is also involved in the Excellence Cluster for Cardio-Pulmonary Systems.



The dean's office is central to the faculty. This office organizes the faculty, prepares resolutions of the faculty council (Fachbereichsrat), the different commitees and executes their decisions. This office also determines the use of human and material resources within the structure plan, implements enactments by the Executive Board of the univeristy and coordinates the study and teaching activities. The dean's council consists of the dean, vice-dean and dean of studies is supported by Mrs. Binkowski, Dr. Hammer and Dr. Lill.

The academic records office for Chemistry and Biochemistry (Mrs Böttger and Mrs. Schemenau), as well as an sub-office of the "Hessische Landesprüfungs- und Untersuchungsamt im Gesundheitswesen" (Mrs Tietze-Scheubrein) are affiliated to the dean's office.

Information about the infrastructure and service facilities of the facultycan be found here (in german).

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