Welcome to the Cognition & Development Lab!

The research focus of the Cognition & Development Lab at Goethe-University Frankfurt is mainly on the lifespan development of learning and cognition. We are particularly interested in memory and executive control, i.e. the ability to plan and control goal-directed actions. Currently, we investigate how cognitive functions can be improved by cognitive and physical training in different age groups and how intra- and interindividual differences modulate training-related benefits. Therefore, we investigate children, younger and older adults, but also patients exhibiting cognitive performance deficits (e.g. because of chronic heart failure or neurosurgical procedures). Moreover, we research individual differences and environmental influences on academic success in primary, secondary and tertiary education. More information on our research projects is available here.

The focus of the teaching is on Educational Psychology for students enrolled in Psychology (Bachelor and Master), Teacher Education Programs, and Educational Science. Information regarding the classes and exams is available here.

Prof. Dr. Julia Karbach - new contact information since 01-04-2017:

University of Koblenz-Landau
Department of Psychology
Campus Landau
Fortstraße 7
D-76829 Landau in der Pfalz

Phone: +49 6341-28031227
Mail: karbach@uni-landau.de