2013 report pub


Our annual report takes you on a journey through Goethe University, covering 12 months of research, study and higher education topics.

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Cover guide for international researchers

Guide for international researchers

In this brochure international researchers will find a large amount of information all about your stay in Frankfurt.

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Cover broschuere internationalitaet 1

A city for entrepreneurs at the heart of Europe

This brochure is directed at you as a potential investor or start-up company, and aims to offer help while you are still deciding about committing yourself to Frankfurt. It supports you with additional information about Frankfurt an how to get in touch with decision-makers and familiarizes you with people who have come to Frankfurt to successfully realise their plans, businesses and ideas. | Download (pdf)

Cover internationalisation strategy

Internationalisation Strategy

In this brochure you will find information about Goethe University internationalisation strategy.

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