New Researchers funding through LOEWE / Success in the LOEWE Programme

The LOE WE programme has been supporting high-quality research projects at universities and research institutions in Hesse since 2008 and has raised their profile as a result.

The new LOE WE research focus, Ubiquitin Networks (Ub-Net), is concerned with the small protein ubiquitin, which plays a regulatory role in many cellular processes and is associated with the pathogenesis of numerous diseases. Goethe University is collaborating in the research focus with the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim. “We are only beginning to understand the complexity of the ubiquitin network,” explains Ivan Dikic, Professor at the Institute of Biochemistry II and spokesperson for the initiative. “It is our goal to clarify the fundamental mechanisms and to study the relationship between defects in the ubiquitin system and the resulting diseases in humans,” he added. Biochemists, structural and molecular biologists as well as clinicians are all collaborating in the research. Merck-Serano based in Darmstadt is also involved in the project as an associated partner. As Prof. Dikic explains, this allows them to quickly test the potential therapeutic benefit of promising new target structures. The research is being supported with funding of around 4.3 million euros over two years.