GRADE Centers

The GRADE Centers reflect the research focuses of the Goethe University. They provide a research-related environment for all junior researchers to participate in inter- and transdisciplinary exchange.
If you have any questions about the GRADE Centers, we would be glad to answer them.

GRADE Center


Contact at GRADE

» GRADE BioMed FIRST Dr. Brigitte Held
» GRADE Brain Dr. Axel Kohler
» GRADE CompuMath Dr. Matthias Köhler
» GRADE Aging


» GRADE Education  
» GRADE Gender  
» GRADE Language Dr. Sybille Küster
» GRADE Normative Orders  
» GRADE PPD Humanities  
» GRADE Rechtswissenschaft (Law)  
» GRADE RuTh  
» GRADE Hadron and Ion Research   Dr. Henrike Becker
» GRADE Sustain