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CarboPaT member Sergey Lobanov wins two prizes 2019

Congratulations to Sergey Lobanov (GFZ Potsdam) who will receive the 2019 DCO Emerging Leader Award

The DCO honors leadership of the deep carbon science community by early career scientists of outstanding promise.

Fittingly, the DCO Emerging Leader Awards will be presented at Deep Carbon 2019: Launching the Next Generation of Deep Carbon Science in Washington D.C., USA on 24. - 26. October 2019.

DCO conference, Washington

Congratulations to Sergey Lobanov who has won the Mineral and Rock Physics Early Career Award

Sergey and other awardees have been been selected for their sustained and unique contributions to advancing our understanding of Earth, its atmosphere and oceans, and planets and astral bodies beyond our own.

The sciences encompassed by AGU are crucial for the health and well-being of our planet’s inhabitants. These awardees have contributed to both that understanding and the planetary health and well-being through their scientific advancements and outstanding service to the science and to AGU.

Sergey will receive the prize at next AGU, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA on 09. - 13. December 2019.

AGU conference, San Francisco


4th meeting of the FOR 2125/2

The members of the research unit FOR 2125 met at the Limes Hotel in Wehrheim from 10th to 11th October 2019. It has been the fourth meeting of the second funding period. PhD students and Postdocs presented their ongoing work and very new results for the projects of CarboPaT. Sandro Jahn successfully involves students in his research group at Cologne University and presented details from a Bachelor thesis about "Computer simulations of divalent cation invorporation in CaCO3". Thomas Schlothauer from TU Freiberg showed pictures and very impressive videos from the new rebuild shock wave laboratory in the mine "Reiche Zeche". He also introduced a new mineral and offered samples to investigate by the CarboPaT group.

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CarboPaT session at YES Congress in Berlin in September 2019

PhD students and PostDocs have presented new results at 5th YES Congress 2019 “Rocking Earth’s Future”  in Berlin from 9th to 13th September.

The CarboPaT session has been held on 12th September in hall C. Melanie Sieber, a PostDoc from GFZ Potsdam, has been leading the session "Carbonates under high Pressure and Temperatures" and initiated great scientific discussions after the presentations.

(from left: Naira Martirosyan, Melanie Sieber, Serena Dominijanni, Iuliia Koemets, Christian Albers, Lélia Libon, Lea Pennacchioni, Jannes Binck)

CarboPaT's abstracts

Full YES Congress abstractband

PhD thesis defence of Michal Stekiel

On Monday, 21st October 2019 4pm, PhD student Michal Stekiel (Goethe University Frankfurt) will defend his dissertation at Geoscience building GW 1.101. Michal Stekiel is involved in project group 1 of FOR2125, the 1st and 2nd Phase of CarboPaT. His dissertation title is: Understanding phase transitions in carbonates by investigation of their lattice dynamics.

Michal succesfully published scientific papers during the last three years (publications)

EMC 32 - Vienna

Iuliia Koemets has presented her latest results on a poster at 32nd EMC in Vienna/ Austria

PhD students present at poster session of EHPRG in Prague 09/2019

Nicole Biedermann from Project 4 in Phase 1 and Christian Albers from Project 3 in Phase 2 took the opportunity presenting their latest results at

57th European High Pressure Research Group International Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology.


We congratulate Chris-Julian Fruhner on his succesfully finished dissertation at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main on 2nd July. Chris-Julian Fruhner was involved in project group 1 of FOR2125/1, the 1st Phase of CarboPaT. His dissertation title is: Investigations on phase stability of carbonates using fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.

2nd Freiberg High Pressure Symposium

c-BN- and diamond-based hard materials for metal and rock cutting –
2nd Flintstone2020 stakeholder meeting and 2nd Freiberg High Pressure Symposium

@ Tu Bergakademie Freiberg, 4th and 5th June 2019


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3rd meeting of the FOR 2125/2

The members of the research unit FOR 2125 met at the monastery Steinfeld from 21st to 22nd March 2019. It has been the third meeting of the second funding period. PhD students and Postdocs presented their ongoing work and results for the projects of CarboPaT. Johannes Kaa from TU Freiberg defended his Master thesis about the stability of calciumcarbonates in presence of Bridgmanite at lower mantle conditions.


2nd meeting of the FOR 2125/2

The members of the research unit FOR 2125 met from 04th to 05th of October at the Limes Hotel in Wehrheim. It has been the second meeting of the second funding period. Many new members – PhD students and Postdocs – introduced themselves and presented their master and doctoral theses as well as their ideas for the projects of CarboPaT.

Furthermore the FOR 2125 was very pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Jie Li from the University of Michigan and Prof. Dr. Jung-Fu Lin from the University of Texas. Both visited the GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam, the Bayerisches Geoinstitut (BGI) in Bayreuth, the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and participated in the semi-annual meeting of the research unit giving talks about the behavior of subducted carbonates and methane hydrate in the Gulf of Mexico.

Further information

October 2018

Kick-off meeting for the second phase of FOR 2125

The research unit FOR 2125 met in Hamburg at DESY from 15th to 16th of February. It was the final meeting of the first funding period and the kick-off for the prolongation. In addition to many talks about the results of the previous phase, first results and the objectives of the second phase were presented and discussed.

The members of the group had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour at the European XFEL. Dr. Ulf Zastrau, the group leader of the scientific instrument HED division, gave us a short introduction and overview of the European XFEL. Markus Schölmerich guided us through the construction site giving us more information about the different experimental setups.

Furher information

February 2018

DFG approved the FOR 2125 a second time

The research unit was approved by the DFG senat and will be funded for another three years.

On the 26th of October 2017 we hosted the review committee in Frankfurt. The research unit presented the work done in the first funding period and each project gave an outlook of it's future work.

In the first funding period the scientists of CarboPaT discovered new carbonate structures, mapped phase stabilities and monitored chemical reactions. Furthermore, new experimental methods were developed to investigate carbonates under conditions of Earth's mantle.

January 2018

IBAME Science Award

PD Dr. Catherine McCammon received the Science Award given by the International Board on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (IBAME) “in recognition of her outstanding contributions to geophysically relevant questions via novel methodological approaches using the Mössbauer effect”.

The award was presented at the International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME) 2017 held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

September 2017

3rd DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop

Two PhD students of CarboPaT got a sponsorship to participate in this years DCO workshop for Early Career Scientists: Nicole Biedermann from European XFEL in Schenefeld and Stella Chariton from Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Bayreuth.

60 multi-disciplinary early career scientists experienced a week of talks, poster sessions and field trips to the nearby Mt. Etna. Each participant presented their work giving short lightning talks. Furthermore, several researchers were invited to share their knowledge about Mt. Etna with the early career scientists.

The workshop was organized by Dr. Vincenzo Stagno (Sapienza University of Rome) and his team of the organizing committee. The group picture was taken by Dr. Katie Pratt, Communications Director, DCO Engagement Team.

August/September 2017

Publication in Nature Communications

A new study led by CarboPaT members reported in Nature Communications that iron carbonate forms new structures that make it stable at high pressures and temperatures. They found that carbon and oxygen form a tetrahedral arrangement, and iron becomes more oxidised. Their work demonstrates that these new structures can carry carbon into the deep part of the Earth through oxidation-reduction reactions that can influence the cycling of volatiles including carbon and oxygen.

(Graphic by PD Dr. Catherine McCammon.)

July 2017

Sponsorship of the 3rd DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop

CarboPaT is one of the official sponsors of the Third Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop. This five-day workshop was initiated by the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) in collaboration with Sapienza University. Taking place in Nicolosi, Sicily, the workshop will include several fieldtrips to Mt. Etna. In addition, there will be keynote presentations as well as talks and posters by the participants and many roundtable discussions.

The DCO Early Career Scientist Workshops were conceived to bring together young researchers for building networks and initiating new collaborations. Around fifty early career researchers will attend the workshop this year. Through the sponsorship of the CarboPaT research unit, two PhD students from CarboPaT will receive financial support to attend the workshop.

The success of the Early Career Scientist Workshops is already tangible. CarboPaT member Dr. Valerio Cerantola attended the First DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop in Costa Rica in 2014 when he was a PhD student. He developed such an enthusiasm and support for the concept that he is now part of the organising committee of the upcoming workshop.

(Photo of Mt. Etna by Dr. Giancarlo Tamburello.)

June 2017

5th meeting of the FOR 2125

The scientists of the FOR 2125 met again from the 6th to the 7th of April 2017. The meeting took place at the Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam, Germany. Besides exchanging further results of the CarboPaT projects, a guided tour of the scientific research site Telegrafenberg was organized by our hosts from the GFZ.

Furthermore the FOR 2125 was very pleased that Dr. Susanne Faulhaber from the DFG participated in the CarboPaT meeting and that Prof. Dr. Marion Tichomirowa gave an invited talk about carbonatites.

Further information

April 2017

Gregori Aminoff Prize

The Gregori Aminoff Prize in Crystallography has been awarded to Prof. Dr. Natalia Dubrovinskaia and Prof. Dr. Leonid Dubrovinsky, both principal investigators within the FOR 2125. They developed new experimental methods to investigate crystal structures in situ under extreme conditions (high pressures and high temperatures) that are present in the Earth's interior.

The ceremony took place during the anniversary celebration of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the Konserthuset in Stockholm on the 31st of March. HM Carl XVI Gustaf the King of Sweden handed the prizes over to the laureates.

(Both photos: Markus Marcetic, © Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

March 2017